You spend hour after hour looking for pictures and videos of hung old men on the internet. You can edge for hours looking at all these big old beauties. You bring yourself close, again and again, before you click onto the next daddy dick. Have you realised that the orgasm/ejaculation you can achieve from this, is far greater than anything you can achieve in your sex life?

I feel like this post was directed at me. It took my breath away as I nodded, yes, I do hunt the internet for photos of hung, mature men, especially uncut. I am obsessed with finding and worshipping and praying to pictures of oversized uncircumcised penises hanging off of old men. It literally makes me weak and moan aloud each time I come across a new enormous uncut dick belonging to a mature man. For one thing, I have always been attracted to oversexed dirty old men. I remember going to the baths with Dad and uncles and seeing other older men soaping up their willies over and over. From that moment, I thought men’s cocks got bigger and bigger as they aged so even to this day in my subconscious I believe older men have bigger and fatter cocks (though I know it’s not true). I also get off on the idea of being submissive to a grandfather’s perverted desires and being the foreskin cleaner and licker for excessively uncut and hung Grandads. I ran a tumblr blog called Big Daddy Willies until tumblr took it down. I would post a pic of a fat mature cock and add some fantasy language to it. Here’s an example….I fucking love ! Alec

I see in older men a kind of acceptance of others that only comes with experience. The older you get, the more tolerant we are of other men and their proclivities. You’ve been through all the hardships of life and cum out the other side. Grateful for every stiffy and not ashamed of who we are and what we enjoy. More willing to take what cums. Lend a hand and enjoy the day. Bob

They usually know what to do with what they have. They are less inhibited, more likely to take charge, they generally look and listen.They will talk and tell you what they want. They are usually not in a hurry and normally know what they want. They are vocal. Those qualities are as sexy as their big fat cocks, legs, smiles, Charles S

80 thoughts on “Why Do Hung Older Men Turn You On?

  1. The other thing I love is on older men’s cocks is their grey pubes. I love seeing them mixed with darker colours or just white. Especially uncut cocks with grey bushy pubes.

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