A study from the University of Illinois has reported that some men precum so much that they have to wear protection while dating. Dr Jacob Rajfer began the research by posed the following question for discussion. “I have a healthy patient in his 40s who complained that he has copious amounts of “pre-ejaculation” to the point that he has to wear protection when he goes out on a date and gets aroused. I know this is a normal phenomenon, but obviously not to this degree. Any thoughts?


We had a similar case of this exact problem. This young man would actually soak through his pants during kissing or other mild erotic stimulation, and this situation was quite embarrassing for him.

Dr Dana Ohl replied

I precum all day, constantly swiping it up with my fingers to taste, I’m salty and love the taste – maybe why I precum so much in the first place. Plus I’m just always horny and usually naked, in underwear or something that lets me hang free with a ball weight on, like the ripped up cutoffs I have on now with no underwear. Meeting the landscape guy this morning, hopefully he’ll appreciate my “freedom” and something will cum of that!


The gorgeous organ stood stiffly and straightly out
With a slight flare upwards. At each beat of his heart it threw
An odd little nod my way. From the slot of the spout
Exuded a drop of transparent viscous goo.

W. H. Auden 1907-1973

27 thoughts on “The Art of Pre-Ejaculate

  1. I don’t produce any but I sure wish there was some technique that would help me drip!

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