St. Andrew’s Cross is a Christian symbol in the shape of the Greek Letter Chic.  Which looks like our X. It was a cross in this shape on which St. Andrew is said to have been crucified — and  often in the more orthodox Christian churches to mean humility  and sacrifice, traits of St. Andrew  who is said he was not worthy to be crucified on a cross shaped like that of Jesus. The symbol is also called a saltire.  The symbol is used in many flags — look at your union Jack.  — was al;so used  in the Confederate Flag  — the flag of the Confederate States prior to the  Civil War. X or chi is the first letter  of the word Christ in the Greek alphabet.   The English abbreviation of Christmas is Xmas. The Emperor Constantine ( the first Christian emperor of Rome) struck a coin with the Greek letter X on it . The Vatican Flag has two crossed keys in the shape of St. Andrew’s Cross. The St. Andrew’s Cross was used much in Heraldry in the middle ages. The symbol X is also used in mathematics, meaning multipy. It would be very fitting to make a visual of two crossed cocks.  Every g0y would know what you mean. If you mean bdsm, I’m not into bondage and sado/masochism, and could only guess why those into bdsm would use this symbol…Sometimes you see it depicted as crossed sword, which could easily  be a symbol for g0ys.   I am a g0y and we frequently use the term “crossed swords,”  such as Let’s cross swords — another way of saying let’s rub our cocks together. You can say much about the St. Andrews Cross, Seb. good luck. Dorge

Dear Seb, All I could tell to about St Andrew’s Cross is the story towards the end of the life of St. Andrew’s. He wen on missionary journeys and at the end he paid a visit to Greece because years ago he helped some Greeks to see Jesus when the Greeks were visiting Palestine. However when he was in Patras the pagan people condemned him to death. They decided to crucify him like Jesus and he refused to be crucified with the same shape of Jesus Cross and he asked to be crucified in an X shape Cross which proved to be more painful because there was no way to rest his head. Thus became a symbol of masochism  in the same way when one is tied in bed or in any other object eagle spread. St Andrew was buried in Patras but his bones were transferred to Constandinoupolis and from their some Scottish people got some bones and brought them to Scotland thus he became the patron of Scotland. You can make the St Andrew’s cross in any material you ant and you can give whatever meaning you want but generally is used by the sadist to satisfy the masochist. If does in the proper way is very satisfying. Take my word of it. Regards, Paul

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  1. I know its used for bondage play. Usually find it in big playrooms…and it can be made if you are handy with a torch/welder and metal tubing. Ive seen it used at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco…You should cum to the Fair this year…and check um out! Mr S. Leather in SF sells the crosses…I Hope this helps a bit….I love my Pantra ive had if for a few years…told a bunch of guys about it even had some over to try it out…i put a rubber on it they loved it….couldnt believe how hard they came…every man needs one or two of these one for home and one for travel..its great!

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