“Having a penis can be like having an illusory prize dangled in front of you. It symbolizes a historical birthright to power, respect and pride.”

Grayson Perry, The Descent of Man

“Now he had chanced on one of he standard hard-on sessions of the shower, as on both sides of him and across the room three queens sported horizontal members which they turned around from time to time to conceal or display, barely exchanging looks as they resolved. The old men took no interest in this activity, knowing perhaps from long experience that it rarely meant anything or led anywhere, was a brief and helpless surrender to the forcing-house of the shower. In a few seconds the hard-on might pass from one end of the room to the other with the foolish perfection of a Busby Berkeley routine.”

Alan Hollinghurst, The Swimming-Pool Library

5 thoughts on “Power, Respect & Pride

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    I lam very cock proud and devote most of my time to worshiping my penis. It commands attention

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    I love ball stretching. It is comforting and erotic. I love to stretch for days at a time.

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