It’s a pity that so many men are unaware of the potential for sensuous pleasure that exists in their nipples, and in those of other guys. The sense of intimate communion that’s brought about when two guys get into each other’s tits is for me one of the best sexual experiences that I know. I can go on for hours. The mutual pleasure, each giving what he also receives, and with each getting as much pleasure from playing with the other’s tits as he does from his own, is truly amazing. The variety of sensations, from the faintest of tickling up to, and even beyond, the threshhold of pain is hard to believe in such small pieces of flesh. Fingers, fingernails, tongue, lips and teeth all come into play, all searching for that tiny supersensitive spot, right on the tip of the tit, that is ultimate source of pleasure. They are tough, too, and are able to stand up to all  kinds of pulling and twisting, and nipping and nibbling. You don’t have to be a masochist to enjoy the sensation of pain – as they say, it hurts so good, and it goes on reminding you for days what you and your partner have been up to, as your nipples rub against your shirt. According to Dr Alex Comfort in The Joy of Gay Sex, men have as many nerve endings in their nipples as do women. The trouble is that when the guy doesn’t know what he can do with them the nerves atrophy and lose their sensitivity, as do other systems of nerves in the body if not used. But in my experience if you work on them the sensitivity will come. A friend of mine and I in London used to have hours-long sessions, and he used to say that he had never before known what real titplay was like. “MagicK”, he called it. At 82 I find much of my sexuality is fading out. I haven’t had a proper erection for years and I haven’t come for a year or more. None of that bothers me because I find my nipple sensations becoming stronger and more subtle and more varied. I don’t really want to come because that would put an end to the play. I can keep going for hours, or as long as my partner wants to, fingers, fingernails (very important), tongue, teeth, separately and in combination. Truly beautiful! It surprises me to how often a taste for titplay goes with a taste for rimming


60 years old and been playing with my nipples since puberty. They are naturally full and “heavy” with wide aureole, they are super touch sensitive. Standing out from my hairy chest, they are difficult to miss. Straight all my life have recently met a 25 year old Arab man who, for the last two years, I have enjoyed him sucking and playing with them to the point of orgasm. So much has been the intensity of the pleasure I now let him fuck me too. It’s amazing the feeling of him making love to me with my erect nipples in his mouth, hands or brushing against his chest as he thrusts.


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