Most men have a deep-down instinct for male friendships. It’s true most men are “homosexual” in their social relationships. Beside, our base instincts tells us to “compare” to other men, especially in looks, athletic figure, cock size, cut or uncut. We all human beings wish to have more freedom even to the point of touching another man’s body, cock, etc. Perhaps even trying to fuck a man or vice-versa. This does not mean that all males are either bisexual or gay, but there is something there, according to Freud, that makes kinky when we think about other men, especially close male friends. So, having an obsession with gay porno, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are gay. Most of us keep this obsession for gay porno and large dicks hidden in out hearts. We have been repressed by society, Judeo-Christian religion, and our own manliness. Most men would love to feel free and touch their closest male friend’s cock, even some would love to suck it, or vice-versa. We males are not one hundred percent straight. That’s for sure! So, don’t feel bad. Anon

For years all a guy has to “play” with, admire, get turned on by (other than imagination) is his beautiful veiny hard throbbing dick. Many young guys even shoot their loads into their mouths and happily swallow it down. But later guys say that sucking or playing with someone else’s dick or giving a blow job is a turn-off. Don’t buy it. I think that young men should be encouraged to suck and fuck other guys…for fun…sexual release, to learn to fuck and what feels good etc. If they are truly str8 it won’t turn them gay.


19 thoughts on “Healing Homosexuality

  1. I always struggled to understand my sexuality but I knew I was bisexual from a young age. I wished I could be a women and a man. I strongly desire women and their smooth soft bodies. Of course not just any women. I have my likes and dislikes. When I’m with the women I like and she gets naked in front of me, it makes me so hard and all I can think of is to feel her body and then stick my cock inside her. She knows exactly what to do, what to wear and what pose is going to make my cock go crazy. She’s laying down and all I can see is her smooth soft thighs, nice flat soles and her arse looks like a heart shape. She was the same age as me, we were both 19 years old. The youthful skin gave her so much attraction. She could make a mans cock hard.

    I envied her position. She had a body that could make a man go hard. She’s constantly reminded of her beauty and desirability when the guys fuck her. Receiving all that attention, appreciation and love. Couple days later I started shaving my own body to see what it looks like smooth. I placed a mirror near the bed and laid down. When I looked back I saw the exact same smoothness, softness and a heart shaped bum just like hers. I took some photos and started searching for guys online. Within an hour I already had over 30 messages. I couldn’t meet anyone because I felt so bad what my parents would think of me and the guilty conscious was too much for me to handle.

    After while my father started to suspect I might be bisexual. He encouraged me to have fun with guys if that’s what makes me happy. He told me it would help me with my girlfriends in the because I understand what they like. After being accepted at my own house I honestly couldn’t care less what others think. I went online the same day and arranged to meet with not one but four guys the same day. 5 guys all naked in front of each other. They made me so happy, desired and appreciated. Younger guys need to stop over thinking and give up their pride. An older man will give them so much more appreciation and love.

  2. It’s very simple. I’m a masculine man but go bonkers over cock. I love it so much. Anybody else?

  3. I had the urge to masturbate with another guy, and after our second meeting, I couldn’t keep myself from sucking his cock. I’m attracted to women, but giving a man sexual pleasure and intimately worshiping cock changed me forever. I love sucking cock and being naked with another man. I meet one of my friends every week to give him satisfaction, and another every two weeks or so, for three years. We are beautifully bonded.

  4. I did a lot of playing with other boys in middle school and high school. We never did oral or anal tho. But group sex beyond just this masturbation was something I started in college: Two women, woman and another man, two women and a man, two other men banging a woman, sex with a woman while her husband watches.

  5. I would have to agree. I long suspected my ex had a craving for cock but he was never honest about it. After we split, we were both having a sexual dry spell and had a fuck buddy arrangement for a while. I told him I like to masturbate to gay porn and had used to fantasise about fucking him with a strap on. He started chatting to guys online and send me a vid of him sucking a guy off. It was awesome! He fucking loved it!! He played around with a couple of guys, it was never an issue for me and it was hot AF!! Sadly our relationship could never work out, it just makes me sad the sex we could have been having if he was more honest about himself. I honestly think that most humans are sexually fluid, though I can’t describe myself that way…yet. Women do turn me on but I’ve never met a woman who turned me on sexually though I have been propositioned. I definitely watch more gay porn than I do straight, “female friendly” porn and I’ll watch pretty much anything I flick the bean a lot. 2 guys, 2 girls, 3 of each and a transsexual! If it turns me on I’m all for it, but I think cock sucking is empowering for both giver and receiver. I really do like cock a lot!!

  6. I feel most sorry for men who are raised in such an uptight world that they’re afraid to see another man naked, to touch another man naked, and to permit themselves to have a conscious thought of what another man naked might look like, or how he would feel if they touched each other. Such facets of a male’s personality do not make a man gay. They reflect a man who is quite normal and one who has normal feelings… RobtheElder

    1. Robert, what you have said makes a lot of sense to me as I was raised in that uptight world

    2. Rob, I think your advice is so caring and lovely. Having worked officially with men whose violence seems to have had its origins in confusions about their sexuality I would love to see the advice being picked up by parents and teachers. I have had my own uncertainties which have been a cause of stress at the time and so advice like yours is so freeing and compassionate.

  7. Love masturbating to naked men and gay sex… is there any freer feeling? So beautiful and intense.

    1. The powerful feeling when two hard cocks touch is spiritual at a deep masculine level. My straight buddies develop strong emotional attachments to me…even if it’s never been sexual…they will climb in bed and cuddle me always a I love you at end of call …even hold hands in public….girlfriends get jealous as fuck …but for some reason they crave that closeness and love from me ..some of them have played…made out with me ….I don’t force it …did in past and end with damage and hurt to relationship sometimes it’s just good to be loved and not fuck up a great thing

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