I’m a married man in my 50’s. I love my wife and family and I’ve been always attracted to men, since I was a kid. I have come to terms with my masculinity: I feel that being attracted to men is one of the most masculine aspects of my life. Discovering this site was a blast. All what I felt “weird” about myself finally got its right place. The community of manhood is powerful and it is a sacred place just for us men. I don’t feel lonely anymore. I have recently met a gay man and we have become friends with benefits. Although I had had sex with other men in the past, I feel a deep connection with this man. We share many interests and having sex is beyond what I knew of before. We have opened a space of manhood and friendship that feels even sacred. At the same time we respect our spaces. No pressures, no demands. Just pure enjoyment when we are together. Being able to recognize and accept this very important aspect of myself, has turned into a deeper connection with my wife. I don’t feel guilty anymore and I have started to resume our sex lives, put on hold for a long time. I feel complete and have fully embraced myself. Thank you for putting on light this site.


I agree with every word you have written. Same age, same desires, same history. Thank you for speaking out and sharing your truth so bravely.


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2 thoughts on “L’Only?

  1. Andres
    I’m happy for you. I had my first experience with a man at 50 and after 3 kids and 20 year marriage. My wife’s first reaction was to try and get me consulting / pray away my desires for men. 5 years later I am happily married to a man I love and enjoy sex like never before. I wish you the best.

  2. Andres – very similar story for me. I can agree with you totally. Please tell me however,how much your wif knows – or agrees with you?

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