I am a middle aged gentleman with a big pair of balls and a rather thick cock. At least once a week, I like to put on my really heavy cock ring and go for a walk/jog freeballing in my grey jogging pants. I’m always amazed how many people look. Mostly men, surely they cant all be gay. I then go home and and have a slow sensual wank. I close my eyes and imagine the faces that have just seen my fucking loving and kind.

Justin T

12 thoughts on “#FreeWilly

  1. As I’ve said in other posts around this site, I consider underwear to be outerwear-I just wear ’em around the house, indoors and out (and yes, even to answer the door), but would never put shorts or pants on over them. I don’t need two layers, don’t like the fabric rubbing and twisting together, and I like to feel with my dick & balls. Plus the look and occasional pre-cum wet spot is hot, at least for me and some other people. Men have cock and balls, gotta be somewhere, why bind and bunch them up? Free Willy!

  2. I live my life trying to see men like you who are willing to swing their fat cocks around for all to see… or at least for all to know that there’s only a thin layer of sweatpant material between them and one of the best things on planet earth. Keep showing, please. I would worship you by the way. On my knees, praying to your penis with my mouth.

  3. All of the above!
    It’s great being a man and showing it. It’s great to see the looks too.
    And I reckon if you want to look, you need to be ready to suck a cock that looks as good as this one does!
    I will…

  4. One of the most beautiful, mouthwatering cocks I have seen in a while,would love to see more. Thankyou.

  5. Free Willey,
    A very handsome man muscular body and large cock and balls love your jogging and after groping you’re beautiful cock that definitely needs action, very generous that you should share this magical profile that
    Gives me a very healthy happy 😃 feeling on viewing and enjoying.

  6. Yep. Every bloke is mesmerized by another guy’s dong. It’s a competitive thing where men unconsciously size each other up. Swinging free in the sweats is a very alpha thing to do. Showing you are confident and proud of your dick. When I wear compression tights for running and pull my sweats back over, it is as if my bulge has disappeared. I see other guys look at my crotch and then look disappointed when nothing is there, so i prefer it when I see the quickly diverted eye from fellas in the supermarket who suddenly pick up on my trouser trout. They can’t help but look then seem awkward that they have…

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