pussy massage london

I love my pussy to be massaged by gentle male hands by gently rubbing the labia minora lips together followed by rubbing the inner part of the parted labia minora till the juice starts oozing. This should be followed by the male tongue initial on the labia and then on the clitoris followed by pushing the tongue deep inside the vagina in a rotary motion causing copious flow of vaginal juice which will cover the entire face of the male partner. This should be continued till I reach orgasm when the clitoris starts bulging out like a peanut and I start groaning with pleasure throwing my hips up and down. kamanayaki

How to give your wife a tantric pussy massage

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  1. I love it when someone rubs or licks my inner pussy lips, barely bypassing my clit. And when I can stand it no longer, my clit is engulfed by my partner and the flowing and orgasms begin.

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