World’s Third Adjustable Prostate Massager

The Edge is designed by the company Lovense

Although Lovense claim to be the world’s first adjustable prostate massager, butt, they are in fact the third. The first was a device called the Prosager ca 1936 and the original Aneros(before they were even called Aneros) was also adjustable.

Thinking About Buying The Edge

I am thinking about buying the Edge, Adjustable Prostate Massager to use during my massage rituals. I therefor would not be able to use the phone app to control it. How well does it work when control manually?

Hush 2 Lovense Massager for Women

Lovense also make a massager for women called “LUSH 2“. Many men have found the most amazing vibrations of pleasure. For prostate stimulation is it better than the Edge Adjustable Prostate Massager?

Have you any experience of using any of the Lovense products for prostatic pleasure. Please leave a comment below.

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