With every breath the sound
of love surrounds us,
and we are bound for the depths
of space, without distraction.

Yet we are beyond all of that
and more than angels.
Out beyond duality,
we have a home, and it is Majesty.

4 thoughts on “His Majesty

  1. What a beautiful man. Not just his good looks but an incredible body. I loved how he stroked his cock and enjoyed using the dildo up his ass. What turned me on the most was watching his face as he got closer to orgasm. I could almost feel his ecstasy and enjoyed watching his body twitching while having his orgasm. I could watch him all day.

  2. To A Non- I enjoyed both the photo of you with the greased up “His Majesty” and the sexy video so well described by Anonymous above. Do you take requests, A Non? I’d LOVE to see a video of you sitting on His Majesty and riding up and down on him. You are a very manly MAN! As much as I would love to, I couldn’t take anything as big as HM inside me. I salute you you beautiful sexy man!

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