what I am afraid of

I want you to imagine for a moment that you are feeling stressed, tired, even a little emotionally fucked up. Close you eyes and think of someone you really like and find sexually attractive.

I want you to imagine meeting them at your favourite restaurant. Relaxing with them and having something really delicious to eat together. Maybe even being slightly sexually suggestive every time you put some food in your mouth, or even touching them casually under the table. You are starting to feel g(0)d. You are starting to feel balanced. I then want you to imagine arriving back at your place, which you have already prepared with sensual aromas, some sexy music, maybe your favourite porn is pumping away in the background. I want you to invite him to dance, dance, dance, let yourself go as you and him(or her) begin to sweat and gradually undress.

I want you to put your left hand on the right cheek of his face and your right hand on the left cheek of his arse. Give him a sacred kiss.

Relax for a while as you cuddle. Rock him in your arms as he minds you. Always remember g(0)d sex is about giving and receiving pleasure. You should take your time, you should never be in a rush. What about that bottle of champagne you have chilling in the fridge. I want you to imagine yourself as a sex g(0)d as you indulge yourself and him in the most luxurious sex you know you are capable of. I want you to be a sacred slut, to really let yourself go as you give and receive, pleasure, pleasure and more fucking pleasure. I want you to imagine sex as a gift, as the most beautiful gift. A present from G(0)d, that he wants you to share with your beloved. I want you to cry, I want you to laugh. I want you to imagine using your fucking intelligence every time you have sex, not just your body. Cummon feel it in your soul. I want you to imagine that u r a star, that you are g(0)d. bi/ seb cox

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