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1 thought on “How Do Gay Blokes Have Sex?

  1. Well, that is beautiful…..!
    Can you tell me more, like why it hurts and they always say push back like you’re taking a shit…… why wasn’t I told this before?
    Men aren’t informed about how to take all these massive cocks that we want. The magic is you, how you take that penis into your haPpy place. With any luck the penis owner has compassion, more than just passion. He will patiently stop and withdraw at resistance and patiently wait before trying again, none of that mighty thrust you see in porn….. they’ve be fucking for hours you know…..
    Gently and with love and desire, these two men get that huge cock up your arse and then you wonder, this is good what was that all about? The next couple of hours blur into the pleasure of being fucked.

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