I love wanking, it’s a great stress relief. As for my best wank ever….it’d be difficult to say as there have been so many.  I guess wanking with a group of horny guys can be the most enjoyable, but then if you’re with a group of guys the chances are you gonna be fucked by them which is way better than wanking. My favourite feeling is of being stretched open by a big, fat, beefy cock.  I especially like the cocks that have the most beautiful mushroom shaped heads.  I love licking the groove underneath the gland and pushing the tip of my tongue inside the slit on top.  I love low hanging bollocks that slap against my own low hangers as I’m being fucked from behind.  Despite being  mostly bottom, my asshole is very tight….hell, I even have to lube myself up just to take a shit, but having a really fat cock slowly slide its way up inside my body and pull itself back out again is the best wank material ever.  I imagine my ass hole as a hot mouth sucking on that fat cock as it slides in and out….I imagine the lips of my ass dragging away from my body as that fat dong pulls out.  A few deep strokes and I’m wanking furiously as I take every inch of dick……and then that awesome feeling washes over me and I shoot my load all over the bed sheets.

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