44 married and bi curious

Dear Seb, I have looked through your web site and perhaps you can help me. I am 44 married and bi curious. Have met a guy same age and we meet regularly to wank and play with each others cocks but no sucking. I want to be fucked up the arse for the first time by him and he has agreed. His cock is slightly large about 6.5 inches but rather fat. I have played with a dildo in the past but was wondering if you have any suggestions for the first time? many thanks and take care, Jason

Jason, Lay back and enjoy, let him slowly finger your arse and penetrate you. Stay as relaxed as possible and let him know when you are ready to open up. Have him slowly put the tip of his cock against your waiting hole, as he eases in breathe deep, once he gets part way in continue to relax and allow him to go slowly balls deep. Just lay there with him inside, like you are one. As he slowly starts to pump you will feel unspeakable pleasure, just lay with your legs open and enjoy, it is well worth the initial pain. Edwardo

The Arse or the Ass?

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  1. The feeling of another man’s warm cum shooting inside you is like no other feeling. Lay there knowing part of him is in your arse.

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