I  have been happily married for many years now. I need some advice and am not sure who to talk to. Even though hetero in my sexual orientation, sometimes. I fantasise about having my cock sucked and also trying to suck an old mans huge cock. Is this normal?…How do you suggest I explore sucking an other man’s cock and at the same time, keep it under “wraps” from my wife? I am 52 and I might be too late in life to explore the joys of sucking cock….I also wonder what it would be like to be fucked in the ass too. My anus is sooo tight..I have tried using a dildo penetrating my anus but it hurts soo bad because I can’t seem to relax my hole enough in order for a cock to penetrate it. What should I do? Thanks for your help!


Jim – I know your pain. I’ve been happily married for 55 years. My wife and I have three grown children and one grandchild. I love her very much. The only thing missing in our relationship was an enjoyable sex life. She was very passive, and I did all the work. Many times, when sex was over – for her – I would go into the bathroom to relieve myself. Then one day I was in Honolulu on business. I met a guy in a bar. We had a fun conversation. Suddenly, we looked at each other and went to his hotel room and had the most enjoyable sex I have ever had. It was a moment I felt love and I gave love back. Since then, I have had encounters with several men and a fuckbuddy. There is nothing wrong with sucking a man’s cock. It is a pleasure to both parties. I’m convinced men know how to satisfy men, women don’t. Besides, you are safe with men because women tell, men don’t. Enjoy the journey. As Nike says, “just do it.”


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  1. If I am to glean from the posting date of these responses, Jim wrote his original statement several years ago. I hope in this time, he found what he needed.
    His story is very similar to mine, especially in the lack of gratifying sex with his wife.
    Woe is the man who is too complex as to ruin his contentment. Better to be a dullard and not realize that you have duality, other needs, a missing piece in the puzzle of who you are.

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