I remember first trying out stuff sexually, for sexual health,and i really fancied the guy. So i went to his room when he was out and lay on his bed, smelling the pillow and trying on his underwear and smelling his dirty underwear. It was amazing. I remember smelling his sweaty socks for ages, and rubbing his used underwear on my face. I also used to like smelling his shoes… anyway…I got really horny and climbed into his bed and started fucking his pillow like mad. I remember moaning allot, and putting his smelly socks into my mouth. Unfortunately i never came to orgasm doing it this way. I first tried tossin off in bed on my own, i remember lying there and playing wid my cock, and suddenly my face feeling wet and getting this amazing feeling in my body. it was amazing. I know wank of regularly, and experiment allot, I LOVE WANKING…Bibboy

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