Hello, I’m 64 years young and love looking at men’s bodies.In particular the wonderful “tool-of-life ” they were born with. Cut and uncut, shaved or pierced, full ball-sacs a must I enjoy them all. However, in my many years of looking at and participating with men, I’ve observed a connection between a mans fingers and thumb size can sometimes resemble the shaft length and girth along with the shape of his glans. I might add that this is not always the case or an absolute. If by paying close attention to their nose length and width, along with their thumb and finger shapes, you will almost always have a good idea of the length and girth of his penis, but also the size of the glans. When putting together all you’re looking at, along with the shape of his fingernails, you can most likely find yourself at a 85% correct conclusion….. if he has or has not been circumcised. Try for yourself and see how close you are when and if you do get to see or encounter his member. A private game I’ve played for many years that is really helpful if you want to know (more) about the guy your interested in. Even before he gets undressed! Don’t be discouraged at failed first attempts because remember, not an absolute just have fun with it!


Hey Michael, I like your thinking, I have often found mens hands totally erotic with even using them as your device. I’m not completely sure how to apply your formula and would desperately like tuition on tips to find the right tip, on the right shaft! If you some more rules of thumb, it will move my erotic hand lusting to a different more ‘scientific’ level. I look forward to another post Michael, guidance not definitive.


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7 thoughts on ““Tool-of-Life”

  1. This is my tool of life. It deserves to be worshiped. Standing erect, hard and thick it brings immeasurable pleasure to those who experience it.

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