Hugging is a great way to gauge the mood of another man. You first embrace him, one arm over his shoulder, and one under his arm. This will force him to do the same, and you both interlock in a very equal, non-threatening way. Then you can hold him for that extra second, after which you tenderly rest your head against the side of his. Now you breathe. Take notice of his scent. And squeeze just a little tighter. If he responds the same, you can let go a bit to get some leeway and rest you forhead against his. You’ve both just expressed deep love for each other.

If feelings between you are mutual, there is no way you won’t start kissing and/or falling back into an even tighter embrace after this. Then let the sparks fly. Get each other shirtless. Raise one of his arms and bury you face in his armpit. Draw in his natural perfume (you’re guaranteed to smell it through his deodorant). With his arm still raised kiss, lick, and suck on his nipple. Explore his torso. If he wants to, allow him to explore you as well. Always keep in mind that this is man-man intimacy, not man-woman. The rules are different, usually in that there are no rules. Just let your lust take you where it wants to go. Make little grunts and moans. Let you inner animal challenge his.


6 thoughts on “A HUG & A TUG

  1. I enjoy hugging, especially if your both naked, feeling each other’s cocks pressed together. Even clothed, the sensation and feeling another man’s firm body pressed against yours, you can’t help but feel the emotions that stir you sexually.

  2. Just let your lust take you where it wants to go. Make little grunts and moans. Let you inner animal challenge his.
    I would no more do this to any man I know ~ Straight or Gay! I’d get beaten to a pulp if I ever tried this with another man whom I suspect might be Gay. It’s a charming idea and seems to be a sports thing, but I don’t follow sports, thus I really don’t know. Thank you Ben, you’ve given me some enjoyment just reading about others who are enjoying themselves to the nth degree. Before I forget, Ben, – what little I’ve seen of sports here in the U.S. there isn’t the same amount of beautiful… if somewhat intricate interaction between men… straight and/or Gay. Thank you again for the article.

  3. Your site wonderfully explores all facets of what it means to be masculine and male sexuality. Thank you for that. Still, as a Black man, the term “thug” has been used to demonize and negatively stereotype Black men in both the mainstream and porn (particularly gay porn) since forever. The term also feeds into the racist objectification, fetishizing, and “othering” of Black men. It’s a term I won’t be using, and my request is you think about the full connotations of that term. In any case, aside from this, your site is a fantastic resource.

      1. Wow. Thank you, Mr. Cox, for being open to another perspective. I didn’t expect you to change your essay, but again, I do appreciate it. Wish the world had more people like you in it. Peace.

  4. I hate deodorants i love men’s natural soap and water plus his scent
    Kiss him on the neck shoulder between shoulder blades And further down if u can .. he is under your power … it open way to the rose button golden door .. your tongue is the key …
    Kidsing the esrs throat and going sliwly down nipples and so one while massaging is another piece of delicious cake for him

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