arse festival

The moon has become a dancer
at this festival of arse.
This dance of light,
This sacred blessing,

hairy arse white jockstrapped

This divine tool,
beckons us
to a world beyond
only lovers can see
with their eyes of fiery passion.

hairy arse exposed

They are the chosen ones
who have surrendered.
Once they were particles of light
now they are the radiant sun.

They have left behind
the world of deceitful games.
They are the privileged lovers
who create a new world of pleasure
with the eye of their rosebud.


One thought on “arse festival

  1. Can you give me a show?

    One of my naughtiest fantasies is a guy wearing a kilt. He can be as old as 50 and above. He and I are at a secret place, he gives a sexy smile then he reveals what’s under his kilt. Maculinity and a smile that’s the best combination.

    Maybe he gives me a personal show by letting me get under and look up at the view. I’d drip cum so hard if that ever should happen!

    Kilts are so hot. Love it when men older than me show them off (and a bonus when they reveal what’s under them too!)

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