Jerking off with your hand flying up and down is fucking ridiculous. I feel my cock and balls with slow, horny pleasure. I tease and edge it until it’s almost unbearable. I like to feel my cock get like a piece of steel. I love to torture it until it’s unbelievably hard. When I finally let it go, I’m actually dizzy with intense pleasure. Each spurt is extremely horny and delicious. I moan with delight. I like to take a finger and my thumb at the base of my penis and bring them to the tip to get the first few drops of precum. After that the precum flows nicely. I love to play with my precum. When there is plenty, I rub my urethra very gently. I tense up like I’m gonna cum, but I can’t. I do this over and over and play with he precum. Eventually I just get tired of waiting for the orgasm and adjust my stroke til I cum. But I never go fast like so many guys. I never understand why guys move their hands up and down so fast. I’ve tried it and I have no feeling left. Slow lets me feel everything. I can concentrate on the strong feelings. I can think about my toes curling. I feel the muscles tighten in my groin. I can actually feel the cum starting to move through my body before I have that cross-over feeling and point of no return

Slow Lover

I think the reason most men wanks so quickly with the same stokes up and down, is that nobody explained to them that they would have divine more pleasure if they practised the type of techniques you so lovingly demonstrate in your wanking video lesson. You are a pioneer.

10 thoughts on “(Slow Lover)

  1. How true !! I always wanted come quickly
    what a waste ..
    even at love making i was always in a hurry what a waste !
    Now is too late … I regret !
    Learn the lesson !
    enjoy your manhood your partners and be a good lover

  2. Absolutely beautiful furry man, love the hairy legs, feet & toes, big balls & dripping cock, slurp! Wish we could his pits – If they’re as hairy as the rest I could live in them. I can just imagine his pit and ball scent, WOOF!

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