improve your prostatic health

The second best thing any man can do to improve his prostatic health is to ejaculate while riding a condomed fat cock at least once a week. Butt, don’t lie there still as your being pleasured.

Get up of your magnificent arse and dance. THE PURPOSE OF THE PROSTATE IS EJACULATION. Research carried out by Professor Graham Giles, of the Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne, Australia shows that men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation, and ejaculation.

If your concerned about mineral deficiencies after ejaculation the best way to replace these is to eat your own semen.


2 thoughts on “improve your prostatic health

  1. Could be right aboute taking vitamines for better prostata health..but when i stopped taking vitaminepills after many years my dick has never been hornier than it is i my self don’t recomend vitaminepills..

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