Last night this great masseur stroked the little lips of my anus with warm oil and then gently entered me with a finger and stroked my prostate until I began to quake and scream. He then slipped something into my ass that I later discovered was a Pantra Prostate Massager, and he quivered that in my rectum while his other hand reached under me and caressed my meat with warm oil. I had the best climax of my life lying there flat on my face, screaming and sobbing and begging for it to continue forever.


1 thought on “the little lips of my anus

  1. I love when the masseur does that. And I love when he is naked too and have a nice erection. I love seeing that he enjoys it too. In this case I don’t feel like an object. Of course I don’t mind if he slips in that hard cock a little bit.

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