1 thought on “the joy of life

  1. I recently had a catastrophy happen in my life; my home of 15 years was destroyed by fire… included was the tie-for-second prize I’d won of 55 British-pounds (I had framed on my wall until I figured what to spend it on), from this site’s 2006′s contest for erotic works (short story “LOG JAMMIN”). That happened four short months ago that everything changed for me, including my sexlife/freedom. I’m finding it hard to get anything right these days, and reading that word of wisdom by Mr. Samuel Ullman made me stop and smell the rose-like buttholes. Though… I have to admit, my experiences as of late must have added around 20 years to my appearance. I’ll keep coming to this site, and I’ll keep dick on the mind. Perhaps that’s my own words of wisdom… keep coming to this site and keep dick on the mind. Hey, that’s pretty good. I’d better write that down!

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