hazardous to your health

I can’t believe the one dude that claims the chemicals make him “focus on the man I’m with, and intensify my connection to my partner.” If you aren’t able to fully focus on your man or feel deeply connected without chemicals perhaps you’re with the wrong man. As for making these sorry ass excuses “I have reviewed the limited scientific data…it seems to me they are likely less damaging than alcohol.” Wow, “less damaging” so let’s pop right into the damn grave. As for the last rationalisation, “Don’t damn poppers without good reason; they are good alternatives to more dangerous drugs?” Dude, you need drugs to enjoy your man? I can’t believe this pathetic run of excuses for the use of something that is hazardous to your health and to boot insults your man in the process. If you can’t get enough of the man as he is with his own scent then you need to move on and fuck or get popped by some fucking chemicals. Fuck, talk about stupidity and denial Just Jack

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