The Almighty Gise

This is the Almighty Gise, DADDY MODELS SUPREME with his magickal big thick dick as he proudly shows off his heavenly arse. A huge thank you to Gise for the amazing art he recently posted on […]

The Naked Guitarist

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Mature Experienced Wanker

I am a mature and experienced wanker and and make time daily for my long masturbation meditation edge. I wank regularly for three hours and my record is over 6. My wanking is usually […]

Matured British Beef

74 year old hung old man looking for some fun with a slightly older man who is well endowed.You can leave a message for Tim below. Related CoxologyNATURALHari Shishna शिश्न Inches Magazine UK August […]

77 year old wanker

I’m 77 and have wanked all my life. I can still vividly remember the slow joyous ecstatic build up and the all encompassing my first ever ecstatic orgasm. my cock is out now as […]

87 Year Old Irish Wanker

I really am an old Irishman. 87 in fact. I live by myself and have met another old chap who lives in a flat upstairs. He came round for tea today and we were […]

Introducing Andrej Draculesti

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Inches Magazine UK June 2018

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The Great British Wank Off

Good Morning, A while back you had something titled ‘The Great British Wank Off’. I remember two videos that were really hot and didn’t know if you had links, or whatever to them still? […]

Hairy Wanker

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Don’t wait any longer

“Don’t wait any longer. Dive in the ocean, Leave and let the sea be you.”― Rumi Related CoxologyCock Selfie DialoguesBulge Report 7A Strange Business“The Viking” British MMA FighterCoat His Cock with Chapstickthe most erotic wordanother man’s cockchew […]

the ocean’s edge

“You have been walking the ocean’s edge,holding up your robes to keep them dry. You must dive naked under and deeper under,a thousand times deeper. Love flows down.The ground submits to the sky and […]

wankers of the month nov 2014

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A God Traveler

Joseph dreamed the sun and moon were bowing down to worship him. Ten years went by and that came to pass. The saying, ‘He sees by God’s light,’ is not an idle idiom. It […]

Shower Erection Art Gallery

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