video 4 hands lingam massage workshop

I once had a 4 handed tantric massage by well trained masseurs. The genital and anal aspects of the massage were amazing! I had never been touched like that before. It was arousing and erotic while actual sex wasn’t part of it. I would love to experience that over and over and learn how to give a tantric massage myself. Anon

Class notes and video instruction 4 hands lingam massage workshop.

4 (Lingam Massage) Class

Online Erotic Male Massage Workshop

Through association with The New School of Erotic Touch and The Orgasmic Yoga Institute, Mr Cox offers hundreds of hours of Online Erotic Touch Male Massage Classes, teachings and clips that explore Eros in a healthy, informative medium. Based on modern Sexological Bodywork, Somatics and ancient practices from Tantra and Taoism, these wonderful video courses … Read moreOnline Erotic Male Massage Workshop

Gay Tantra My Arse!

Find a quite space where you can lie down and close your eyes. Gently hum OM(pronounced AUM, as in BUM) and become aware of your breathing. Big deep breaths. As you touch yourself(clit), imagine the massage you want to give your husband, spend lots of time imaging how you would spoon organic honey and kiss … Read moreGay Tantra My Arse!

Tantric Masseur/Prostate Masseur Required in SoCal

Hello Mr. Cox, I’m a bisexual single man living in Southern California. The reason I’m writing to you is to see if you know a Tantric Masseur/Prostate Masseur here in SoCal that I can visit, I would like to have that kind of experience with a skilled Masseur, as myself I’ve had only a few … Read moreTantric Masseur/Prostate Masseur Required in SoCal

Str8 Married Massaged

Hi, I am Str8 married man. I do have a number of massages hawaiian and tantric, I wish they all went a bit further….But I am nervous. I did have great hawaiian in Sydney, all str8 to end then when I touched his cock by accident he slid the loincloth off as part of the massage (they fall off anyway in hawaiian due to underbody strokes..)He just touched me a bit and as I hardened he did a bit more and slowly worked me up to fully hard and then when my eyes were closed he sucked me and I let it happen I was so at bliss, he played my ass too, it was something I really enjoyed due to unexpectedness and gentleness. I felt bad after and have wondered about similar experiences. (Tony)


Marty says: November 4, 2012 at 3:05 am : I feel it is a sign of true security and masculinity to accept and treasure such moments as what they are…opportunities to experience a pleasure and intimacy and human connection unlike any other…(it is a simple fact that only someone WITH a penis can really know how to ideally pleasure one). I feel life is far to short to deny oneself any chance to explore and savor EVERY side of one’s sensuality (with proper safety precautions kept in mind for all concerned of course)…As long as everyone ends up feeling real good…no one should ever think back and “feel bad”…

Subject of Male Orgasm

The subject of male orgasm seems to be almost forbidden in western society. If I wanted to talk to any of my friends about it, they’d think it was at best most indelicate. Western medecine seems determined to stick to a purely missionary view of male orgasm and sexual pleasure, and although there is clearly a different tradition in the East, many writers on these traditions seems to regard east as synonymous with obscure. Even web sites frequently talk a load of rubbish one knows they are rubbish from ones own experience. One of the reasons I like your site is that it is much more open and straightforward about the whole subject. I don’t agree with everything I read there, either, (no more would you expect me to, I dare say) but at least it seems to point in a sensible direction. All the best Paul B

Penis Spanking Tutorial

Tantric Penis Spanking Tutorial, Masturbatory sexual acts of pleasure and an eventual deep spiritual ha-penis. The goal of Tantric Penis Spanking is to provide a man loving kindness with his own masculinity. This loving rhythmic touch, provides deep relaxation and sustained erection. Tantric Penis Spanking allows men to last longer and eventually experience deeper orgasms. Over time, this sacred practice gives a man complete control over his ejaculation, and intense ha-penis.

tantric massage my husband

Hello Mr Cox, I am moist from looking at your website. Just wondering if you can help me, I would like to learn how to properly tantric massage for my husband. Can you offer any advice? I look forward to hearing from you. Wendy

fuc-king palace arse

Let me begin by telling you the great secret of tantra, which took me 20 years to discover. The great secret of tantra is that you have all the knowledge. That is how you were send here. Start 24 hours before you give the massage. Casually telling your husband how much you love his cock, and that you are preparing an amazing tantric ritual to celebrate his BEAUTY. Find a quite space where you can lie down and close your eyes. Gently hum OM(pronounced AUM, as in BUM) and become aware of your breathing. Big deep breaths. As you touch yourself, imagine the massage you want to give your husband, spend lots of time imaging how you would massage his cock, and spread that energy around his body. Think of a name for the different techniques/strokes. For inspiration click here.

fucking palace muscle

Buy one tantric massage book. There are thousands available. I think they are valuable as something to casually leave lying around for your husband to see rather than for their content. I personally recommend “Tantric Massage – The Erotic Touch of Love, by Ray Stubbs”. The reason I recommend this one is that you can buy it from amazon for £0.01, which I think is the value of all the books content put together. Prepare a sacred space for your massage. Use lots of candles, and aromas. prepare some goodies to eat and drink during your ritual.

Some fruit, maybe chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. The most important thing is that you must be relaxed and see yourself as a tantric sex goddess. Make sure you have very short nails. Put on your favorite CD, take a nice hot bath, after which you should continue to relax yourself by dancing, to the deep bass vibrating music, sipping champagne as you gently moistening yourself.

Prostate Milking Tips & Techniques 6

Start the ritual by undressing your husband. Very slowly touch every inch of his body, from head to toe. Tell him how much you love him and how sexy he is. Kiss his cock through his underwear and tell him how you adore his magnificent cock. When he is undressed lie him on his back on a bed or massage bench. Cover him with a sheet. Begin to gently massage his head as you whisper your most sexual desires and fantasies to him. Gradually work up and down his body touching him through the sheet.

boxer naked 76

After about 10 minutes sexily remove the sheet. Anoint him with lots of warm oil. gradually move around his body from head to toe, regularly coming teasingly close to his fattening cock. after about 10 or 15 minutes slowly move down and touch his cock very very gently.Whisper to him how much you love his cock. As you slowly start to remember the massage techniques you meditated about earlier. Pay attention to how he react to your different techniques. Encourage him to make some noise, and breath deeply. Use that as a tantric guide.

fucking palace gif 2

Tantric philosophy suggests that we have series of 7 energy zone taking energy from the earth and vibrating through our bodies to release energy to the spiritual world. When you have massaged his cock for about 8.1 minutes continue to massage his beauty with the very tips of your finger of the hand you dont write with. Use that hand to tickle a point between his ass and balls, his root chakra, his connection to mother earth. Gradually move to a point just above his cock and tickle his sex chakra, where all his godness comes from. Move along to his belly button, this is where he deals with fear, touch assist him to realize that, he can deal with fear, that in fact he is a warrior.


Gently scratch from his belly button up to his heart chakra, a point between his nipples, because that his where his loving-kindness comes from. gently touch his throat, chakra, that is communication with you. Sensually kiss his throat as you move your tantric finger to a point between his two eyebrows, his third eye, his sacred wisdom. massage his skull with the tips of your fingers, this is his crown chakra, his connect to the universe, the spiritual world. In your own time bring the energy from the universe down, through his third eye, through his throat chakra, his heart chakra, belly sex and root chakra. Welcome to the wonderful world of lingam massage. He will get an energy from that experience that will make him a better man, and a better fucker and believe me you will enjoy the benefits. I wish you lots of luck and love on your sacred journey, Seb Cox

Women who can only orgasm while being spit roasted

On my tantric journey I have meet two women who told me that they could only orgasm while being spit roasted. One older women told me that the first time she actually had an orgasm was when she was 50 years old at a swingers party in London while being pleasured by two younger men. … Read moreWomen who can only orgasm while being spit roasted

Genital Massage for Men

Red Hot Touch Genital Massage for Men. Click here to order the class


30 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with Jaiya.Three erotically-gifted women caress their male lovers deep into non-ordinary erotic states and create new pleasure patterns in their bodies. Really hot! The eager masseuses demonstrate twenty hot ways to touch the male genitals.

Online Tantric Sex Classes

Red Hot Touch Genital Massage for Men. Click here to order the class

cock in my ass

Hi Seb, I love your web site. I go over to England, usually London and then onto the North for a few days and shall make an appointment with you my next visit. You are a very deep man whose depth of understanding male sexuality is wonderful. Two or three times a year I get to a tantric masseur where I have a spanking, prostate massage, get fucked over his massage bench. Ah! There is nothing like the feel of a penis inside me. It’s a the closest physical bonding two men can have and feeling that cock in my ass is a wonderful thing. It’s important and spiritual work you do for men. Regards, Gordon

I do not feel alone anymore…

About Big Lingam Tantra Male Massage Group, aka The Brotherhood of Pleasure

💕The Brotherhug of Pleasure💕

London, GB
2,873 almighty members

Men minding men, men massaging men, men celebrating the lost religion of masculinity. Don’t worry if you have no massage experience, as the more experienced masseurs will help…

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Some familiar friends – some new. Masculine, safe and nurturing, excellent venue, warm welcome, good food. Amazed and humbled at how quickly barriers and preconception evaporates, when all are focused on simply being a contribution. Charged with good intention and respect, love, nurturing and kindness, sharing, safety and enjoyment. Fantastic, relaxed evening, well run and professional. Really enjoyed it. Very sexy men and a very intimate and erotic atmosphere. Some familiar friends – some new. Friendly, safe, warm and adventurous. A wonderful experience with a great bunch of guys. A pleasure to both give and receive a massage. I had a great time last night, I enjoyed learning other techniques working on my Jade Dragon, it will also come in very HANDY when doing my tantric massage with clients.This was a super get together, where Men could just ‘be’ themselves. It was a very inspiring and open time, where we shared much energy and love together. I’d definitely come to another one!” Sexual freedom is a process, and the work Seb does is to be applauded. I believe that true morality is about how we treat each other, particularly as men.

A great environment to learn and practice. Loved being natrually naked with other like-minded men in a non-judgemental and non-critical atmosphere. Hands on experience in every way – the only way to learn how to give in a more fulfilling way ”— Pete on Jul 11, 2010.

Truth, Goodness, Beauty – all in a respectful and safe environment.  It is an opportunity to truly connect with yourself and others…and to demystify Tantra! Great One Seb!!! ”— J T on May 24, 2010.

💕The Brotherhug of Pleasure💕

London, GB
2,873 almighty members

Men minding men, men massaging men, men celebrating the lost religion of masculinity. Don’t worry if you have no massage experience, as the more experienced masseurs will help…

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Not only is it a way of meeting like minded people and as the first two meet ups proved a way of connecting with others, sharing in their experiences and acquiring new techniques along the way. ”— Warwick

Thanks guys for a fabulous afternoon. wonderful massage, chat and company. any suggestions you have for future meetups of Naked Warriors in Manchester let me know and stay in touch. john ”n May 30, 2010.

This was a really insightful, lovely session! I learned so much, and was so intensely inspired by watching Lovely Men, who, having never, or done very little Massage before, really excelled themselves. The intention was good, the energy vibrant and flowing, with a sense of connection with everyone. I feel we have all grown so much as Men, learning this. A very Sacred, privelidge to have witnessed. So many ways of giving Men so much pleasure that really enabled them to express their feelings of pleasure. Truly just as the meet was titled: Trust, Truth and Respect. Very much so. Thank you Seb, for all your passionate input, thoughts and planning that goes into making these events so very special.

“ It was an honest exchange of intimacy and friendship within a safe clean and warm environment. ”

On my first visit to this group I have come away wanting to learn more about not only tantric but also the people in this group.  kd on Oct 4, 2010.

very nice massage techniques filled with sensual and engery flow more relaxing can feel when we are having 4 handed massage

Brotherhood of Pleasure“ I really enjoyed it and will be going back. Lovely food and ace music ”Sep 13, 2013.

Brotherhood of Pleasure“ Can’t wait for the next I can attend ”— Aug 15, 2013.

“ could not have a better group of people and ideas-to give and receive a warm massage- a all round 5 star afternoon -could have spent a whole day working on different bodies -thanks for a great afternoon food -people -host -and great massage space.  PETE on Jun 17, 2013.

Brotherhood of Pleasure“ Very Friendly…. ”— George on Mar 26, 2013.

Brotherhood of Pleasure“ masculine, safe and nurturing. Each time I go I feel able to let go of my inhibitions just a little bit more ”— Mark on Dec 23, 2012.

Brotherhood of Pleasure“ Seb shares the space with so much generosity and professionalism, that one would never believe he actually lives there too! ”— Michael on Dec 23, 2012.

💕The Brotherhug of Pleasure💕

London, GB
2,873 almighty members

Men minding men, men massaging men, men celebrating the lost religion of masculinity. Don’t worry if you have no massage experience, as the more experienced masseurs will help…

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Brotherhood of Pleasure“ a good mix of ages and types ”— George on Dec 23, 2012.

Very happy to be a member. — Greg on May 29, 2011.

celebrate touch hapiness and your beautiful lingam of course and thank to kindness of seb ”— benoit on Feb 28, 2011.

Have been to 2 meetings, both well organised & enjoyable. The Big Lingam Tantra London group is enthusiastic & friendly ”— Colin on Feb 14, 2011.

There should be more groups like this, brave enough to want to get this knowledge out to men. Thanks to Seb & Jayck for putting it together. ”— jeoff  on Jul 13, 2010.

A great, non-threatening, supportive space for men to learn grow and discover their sexual and inner potential ”— Peter 10, 2011.

“ love it, the tantric teacher was very charismatic and genuinely made us enjoy all the moves, this is my first ever yoga and for sure not last, one, thanks for such a positive vibe, made me think more seriously about life appearance and grooming……..inside out ….

get in touch with your sensual self.

great 4meeting others with same interest

Best men’s forum ever!

“ enjoyable throughout ”

Great evening lots of new techniques…

very friendly and relaxing, and welcoming  Jul 9, 2012.

Great evening lots of great guys and new techniques to be tried … Great to Way to spend an evening..

Good men, good intention, brother hood. ”— Duff on Feb 4, 2011.

Lovely bunch of guys, very friendly and relaxing. Definitely would recommend it. ”

the naked warriors is at the front of a full hearted sensual experience ”

interesting and sexy! ”— Jufdi on Jan 30, 2011

Good men, good intention, brother hood. There should be more groups like this, brave enough to want to get this knowledge out to men. Thanks 4 putting it together.  Jul 13, 2010

old penis kung fu

The great thing about getting older is your penis never stops growing. Ancient Chinese Philosophers (Taoists) believed that as you got older your penis length and thickness increased. Although the rest of the male body stops growing at 30, not your magickal cock. It is understood that this is due to the way men “flutter” (shaking and squeezing) their penis to expel the last few drops after urinating. They also philosophied about the best type of cock for lovemaking. Their conclusion was that a penis with a narrow shaft and a big mushroom head was superior. They invented a special “mushrooms” exercise to improve their penis.


During Taoist meditation(masturbation) when their penis was erect they would cup their hand around the shaft of the penis and squeeze it tightly outwards pumping blood into the “mushroom”. They would continue squeezing very hard until the penis became hard as stone. They found repeating this over a period of time would lead to stronger erections, and a bigger mushroom head. After repeating that exercise several times they would then sit down on a chair with their feet touching the ground firmly and spread there legs. They would proceed to hold their penis at the base slapping it firmly from side to side so that it would alternatively slap on the right and then the left upper leg. This exercise also desensitised their penises helping to delay ejaculation, experience the sensations of in ejaculation, enabling then to make love for much longer periods, and eventually enjoy greater ejaculation and multi orgasmic sensations. I love penis kung fu. It combines masturbation and meditation.

It celebrates the penis as a way to raise ‘sexual energy. It is a delayed ejaculation – the purpose to practice. The aim is to heighten your sexual energy and to feel it for much longer than you would usually. It is about celebrating your entire body and the joy that is your magick touch can bring, touching yourself with a intention of love and respect, it is deeply relaxing and and a great method of meditation and a great way to experience male full body orgasm.

dutch daddy third eye

the bottom line in taoist sex is

Caring and compassion for,

our penis and then the rest,

is simple, natural, plain and quiet.

Taoist sex is about….

…simplifying sex in a honest, natural way.

You’ll have a better orgasm if you have better sex…

silver daddy naked big dick

The secret is being honest,

loving yourself, surrendering,

to your sexual needs and allowing

stillness and patience with yourself.

…it’s that simple.

You should never be in a hurry.

Taoism asks for sex without preconceived ideas.

It is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is about having sex,

that makes you understand yourself better