54 year old male

I am a well put together 54 year old male. I am very comfortable considering myself gay, and I live an “out” life, but most often new acquaintances who are not gay, or who aren’t thinking that way, are surprised when I make it clear that I am not…”straight”…if we need to use these labels…etc…I have a strong sense of order, and facility to make things happen etc….

I am seeking a strong dominant intelligent man to guide me and to train me. I feel the need to be able to converse honestly and openly. Strangely, I am somewhat shy and slow to reveal. I have always been slow to get going, get truly comfortable, open up…etc. I live in the USA but travel frequently to Europe. I am self employed, and try to fit my writing projects to my impulses to travel and to explore. So, on a long shot that something might come of this, or at least something more than a single meeting maybe if this interests you and if i/we find some kind of exchange that suits you here, maybe i could arrange to be in London for a couple of weeks and maybe we could meet and see if we get along and then maybe do something that might involve a few sessions or a period of time.

daddy arse lubed

I have lots of ideas but fantasy and reality are ..well…enough…i am quite serious, definitely honest about my interest in this as something more than the “dirty video” version….in fact, well, i don’t think of this kind of sex as dirty, however, the more honest i feel the more kinky for lack of the right word, my mind becomes. I hope you are still active on this site and that you get this email and find it something that you will reply to. thank you,


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