Dicks are beautiful. I love to play with myself and can enjoy intense orgasms without ejaculation. I would love to exchange penis and full body massages with other men. Being blindfolded and flow to […]

Touch Very Softly

I like my manhood to be touched very softly but passionately. I want it to be surrounded by feelings of warmth as it’s cared for in a loving way. Then I want it to […]

Mens Spaces

The Team was yarning last night, Seb, about the closing of Mens’ Spaces. Don’t know how it is there, but here you’d reckon that Aussie men were having their nuts slowly crushed in a […]

Healed bi/ Homosexuality

Most men have a deep-down instinct for male friendships. It’s true most men are “homosexual” in their social relationships. Beside, our base instincts tells us to “compare” to other men, especially in looks, athletic […]

Deer Exercise

The Male Deer Exercise is an ancient Taoist exercise designed to improve male sexual health. It is believed that it can transform a man’s sexual health, and strengthen the body’s sex organs and helps […]

Is a gay massage good for straight men?

In relation to gay massage being good for straight men, I would say it depends on who is giving the massage and their intention So it’s all about finding the right masseur for you. […]

Erection-boosting Condoms

Yet another option for men who have trouble maintaining erections is a product dubbed the “Viagra condom. A British biotech company has created the new condom, currently known as CSD50 0, that is coated […]

Gay Massage 4 Bisexual Blokes

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ideas about homosexual love

THIS moment yearning and thoughtful sitting alone,It seems to me there are other men in other lands yearning andthoughtful,It seems to me I can look over and behold them in Germany,Italy, France, Spain,Or far, […]

Awkward Boners During Massage

Getting an erection like that is actually a sign of good health and good circulation. If you get embarrassed enough the erection will simply go away. When a man gets embarrassed or anxious his […]

Every Idea of Heaven

Without a net, I catch a falcon and release it to the sky, hunting God. This wine I drink today was never held in a clay jar. I love this world, even as I […]

Sacred Male Intimacy

Sacred Intimacy is something that  existed in ancient cultures. Approximately 10% of the Sacred Intimates were men. They lived in temples and were highly respected. People came to the temple to be enlightened and […]

the law on male nudity in the UK?

It’s not an offence to be naked in public in England and Wales but it does become an offence if it can be proved the person stripped off with the intention to upset and […]

tantric male massage jobs

Are you good with people? Have you got an amazing touch? Do you love masculinity? Come and learn how to give a professional tantric male massage using easy to learn techniques in this amazing […]

Big Muscle Meat

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