Cumm Faces

When a man ejaculates, the message is sent from his spinal cord, not his brain, which explains his amazing facial expressions during ejaculation. It is easy in a man’s face to see when his bullocks are about to send forth their juices. A red Indian, they say, can preserve his features when being tortured. I … Read moreCumm Faces

blindfolded, bound, gagged, massaged

Thanks Richard for a wonderful piece of writing, it has given me a hard on just reading it! Like you, I have also always enjoyed being nude with other naked men and had fantasies about having close physical contact with another man. My own particular fetish is to be naked and restrained (bound and gagged) … Read moreblindfolded, bound, gagged, massaged

Sex Spirit & S.punk

A great orgasm reminds us of our original state, before all that to be ran in, where heaven, where heaven was to bask in Gods love with no needs at all, no need for control. The uncontrollable, juddering, screaming orgasm re-connects us. That is the spiritual value of it! Gay mens true role in the … Read moreSex Spirit & S.punk

a lustful agreement

This is all very intellectual and brain driven and very little attention given to the libido with its own selection of responses to various stimuli. I have found in my lifetime that the more I profess confusion and fight being categorised the less pleasure I get from my sex. If both your brain and your penis come to … Read morea lustful agreement

porn is a profligacy, like a condom

You are amazing at times, sex has been for ever, and there are rules and rules for centuries that regulate sex…but, it is in the body and mind and tissue of the being….so, have your wank and get the best you can…everytime…porn is a profligacy, like a condom…..besides most porn persons are really ugly and … Read moreporn is a profligacy, like a condom

Lust for life taoist penis massage

Gently and with commitment. Like slow, meaningful strokes and lots of eye contact gives a deeper connection. Both hands would be great as opposed to the usual one hand, and then sometimes firmer grasps and working to a more fast rhythm quality and then slowing down to a more gentler pace with oil and also without … Read moreLust for life taoist penis massage

letting the sun in…

The men I respect most are the ones that let the sun in. They live a sex life that’s magnificent and slightly out of the ordinary. They are not following a script, they are simply making it up as they go along. they are driven by a passion to live a life that’s about who … Read moreletting the sun in…

lust 4 cock

I’m mid 50’s now, and for 30 years I’ve lived with the same situation. Real lust for cock – suck it, deep throat it, take it in the bum. I want all of that and yet I’m happily married. I used to think it was just when I had a drink or a joint until I met a guy on the internet who is the same as both of us.

And I’m lusting for his cock even though I’m stone cold sober. I once went with a guy – 25 years ago – and chickened out just like you have done. Now I’ve met this guy the memories are coming flooding back – repressed memories – I’ve been thinking I get the urge just occasionally, but the memories that have returned are telling me that I’ve always had men on my mind. I don’t know how we’re going to meet but I am intent on meeting him – I have to do this once or I will end up going to my grave regretting that I don’t know what it’s like to have a man inside me. Bite the bullet, find someone in a similar situation, and be gentle with each other. My guy says he’ll be slow tender and gentle – he’s better. He’s 9 inches! And boy, am I looking forward to that. Martyn

Martin, you have made my evening. I have struggled with this for so many years. You feel that it’s only you and no one cares. I love my wife and my kids but I so long for and lust for all the beautiful cocks that can be seen on the Internet. I feel that if I could only experience it one time, I would have the awesome memory to live on. Love ya Bro!Jon

I feel exacly the same. 53 y. Never suck cock. Married. Children. Very in love with my beautiful wife. But I long for cock. Just one time. But I dont know who to approuch. It feels if it is only me having this urge. Im from SA. Men here are very consevative and I think, pinching the cat in the dark. I wish I lived in the UK. It would have been great. I would have suck cock every day, 5 times a day. Im missing out. Cee

male health and ejaculation frequency

In a incredible study correlating overall male health with male ejaculation frequency, Queens University in Belfast tracked the mortality of about 1,000 middle-aged men over the course of a decade. The study was designed to compare persons of comparable circumstances, age and health. Its findings, published in 1997 in the British Medical Journal, were that men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm enjoyed a death rate half that of the laggards. Other studies claim that regular orgasms:

– Improved sense of smell: After sex, production of the hormone prolactin surges. This in turn causes stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain’s olfactory bulb, its smell center.

– Reduced risk of heart disease: In a 2001 follow-on to the Queens University study mentioned above, researchers focused on cardiovascular health. Their finding? That by orgasming three or more times a week, men reduced their risk of heart attack or stroke by half. Co-author of the study, Shah Ebrahim, Ph.D., commented, “The relationship found between frequency of sexual intercourse and mortality is of considerable public interest.”

– Pain-relief: Immediately before orgasm, levels of the hormone oxytocin surge to five times their normal level. This in turn releases endorphins, which alleviate the pain of everything from headache to arthritis to even migraine. In women, sex also prompts production of estrogen, which can reduce the pain of PMS.

– Less-frequent colds and flu:Wilkes University in Pennsylvania says men who have orgasms once or twice a week show 30% higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which is known to boost the immune system.

– Better bladder control: Heard of Kegel exercises? You do them, whether you know it or not, every time you stem your flow of urine. The same set of muscles is worked during sex.

Raw Tantra – Sexual Kung Fu

Sexual Kung Fu : 49 minutes of erotic practices with Loren Johnson. Click here to order the class


What is Sexual Kung Fu?

Kung means practice and Fu is a skill. Sexual Kung Fu, the skillful practice of sex, is essentially the Chinese form of Orgasmic Yoga. Practice consists of cultivating high levels of energy through the systematic process of arousal. Tools of breathing and mindfulness are then utilized to circulate that energy throughout the body and brain.

What are the benefits of Tantric Yoga and Sexual Kung Fu?

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces in the body. So powerful in fact that most people are out of control when it comes to sex and sexual energy. The systematic and skillful cultivation of sexual energy allows one to harness this force for increased sexual performance, enhanced power of immunity and greater cognitive ability.

How often should I practice?

Daily practice is ideal, even if only for a short period. Go through the entire video noticing which exercises have the strongest effect on your body and energy. Let those techniques be your initial daily commitment to health and vitality.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t practice these exercises?

Everyone should know health, vitality and how to experience sex skillfully and with confidence.

Will my penis really get larger?

The penis, by virtue of its anatomy, is one of the easiest parts of the body to make larger. The penis consists of cells that enlarge when they fill with blood. Erection size is directly proportional to the size of the cells within the penis. When the penis is stretched regularly using some of the practices demonstrated in this video class, these cells expand and enlargement becomes quite possible with minimal effort.

Covered in the course:

raw-tantra-sex kungfu 4 men

The benefits of erotic practice
Preparing the body for sex
Connecting the heart with the genitals
The microcosmic orbit
Enlarging the penis
Ecstatic breathing techniques

Instructor: Loren Johnson

Course Format: 46 minutes of video demonstrations and teaching. View online or download-to-own. This class includes full nudity. Imitating or modeling is a powerful way of learning. Loren invites you to practice along with him. If you want to spend more time on a segment, pause the video. The video in this course is taken from the DVD Tantric Yoga and Sexual Kung Fu for Men.

Sexual Kung Fu : 49 minutes of erotic practices with Loren Johnson. Click here to order the class

blindfolded to heighten arousal

I like to be blindfolded to heighten arousal and my nipples included in the manhood massage. I like the masseur to be aware of my arousal response and use slow teasing methods to edge. I like plenty of oil, long soft strokes and different mediums included  

David Pevsner – Hot Hung Kosher Daddy!

David Pevsner – Hot Hung Kosher Daddy! A sexy mature, hung man. David who is 55 years old, is an … Actor … Writer … Model. Watch David stroking his thick kosher meat. Do you think he needs to take Viagra in order to get hard like that?. He has made private wanking solo films. He has … Read moreDavid Pevsner – Hot Hung Kosher Daddy!

Ancient Tantric & Taoist Porn

Ancient Porn From India & Japan. What is obvious that it was very educational. Educational Porn! What a fucking good idea. Study each picture in the gallery. You will be drawn to one. Click on the image, and leave a reply below it. Tell us your sex ancient secrets.

A sailor, a whore, and a garden-wall

Chapter 15. A sailor, a whore, and a garden-wall • The newly-made road • Windy and rainy • Bargaining overheard • Offer to pay • Against a garden-coal! • A feel from behind • A wet handful • Blind lust • Into the sperm • The policeman • A lost umbrella • A new sort of washing-basin • Fears of ailment (From My Secret Life Bi/ Walter)


Amidst all this saturnalia of cunt, I don’t believe I ever did anything with one, excepting to feel and fuck it, though in attitudes varied. Recherche erotic pleasures were not in my custom, and not even in my thoughts. Amusements with a man would have shocked me, had they been suggested. His spunk would have upset my stomach to look at. To put into a cunt which another man had just quitted, would have revolted me; yet I was doomed to do all this, unpremeditatedly, on the spur of the moment and opportunity. I lived then on the western outskirts of London where they were building on what had been and were still largely pleasant fields. About five minutes’ walk from my house was a street made not five years before, and leading out from it a new road, a sixth of a mile long, connecting two main roads, and made to enable the fields on either side to be built upon. There were gas-lights at long intervals, just enough to encourage people to use it at night The carriage and footways were of coarse gravel, and quite newly made. Under wheel and foot these roads crunched as people went across them.

At one end of the road was a new row of houses, the garden back-walls of which abutted on the open fields, and the side walls of two formed the entrance to the road, both houses just then were empty. It was about eleven o’clock at night, windy and rainy at intervals, and there was a small moon hidden by thick clouds scudding across it Sometimes there was a gleam of light, at other times all was dark It was very windy as I came through the road for a short cut, after thinking whether it was safe or not, and just then I met a policeman at the further end, and bid him good night The crunching of my footsteps on the newly-laid gravel annoyed me, both by its fatigue and noise, so I stepped on to the meadow-land which lay alongside it, and walked quite quietly. As I neared the street into which it led, I could distinguish what looked like a man and woman standing on the footpath close up against the garden sidewall of the empty house, and well away from lamps.


Thought I, ‘Whey are fucking or finger-stinking,’ so walked further from the footpath to prevent noise, and more slowly to see the fun. It excited me lewdly, for I wanted a woman. As I got near them I was under cover of the back garden-walls. The idea of catching a couple fucking made me more randy. “I won’t, unless you give me the money first,” said a female voice. I stopped, but heard no male reply. “I shan’t then, what have you got?” the shrill voice said. No audible reply, but I saw a struggle as if a man was trying to lift a woman’s clothes, and heard a laugh. Then I stepped on to the path, and walked on. “I shan’t then, if you have no money what did you came here for?” came clearly on my ear, though said in a somewhat lower tone. Just as I came to the angle of the wall I saw plainly a fair-sized woman with her back against the wall and a shortish man in front of her, pulling her about as if he was trying to feel her, or lift her clothes. The amatory scuffing prevented them noticing my approach. The woman said as I neared them, “I won’t without the money,” and then was a hish as I walked on.

Then with hoarse muttering, of “blood-prick spunk, bloody cunt,” I felt him shove and wriggle hard, and then both were stationary and silent. I kept my hand still groping under her cunt, and feeling his prick-stem from beneath, with my thumb and forefinger. He did not hurry himself to withdraw. “You’ve done, get away.” “Let’s fuck agin,” said he. “You shan’t.” As she spoke, his prick flopped out right on to my hand, wetting it. She moved away, the man swore. Mad now with lust, “Let’s feel your cunt,” said I lifting her clothes. She let me. “My God what spunk, how soft your cunt feels, let him fuck you again, I’ll give you more money, feel me, frig me.” I don’t recollect the girl speaking, but she seized my prick whilst I groped up her cunt with fingers saturated with sperm. No disgust now. For the moment I loved it. She stopped frigging. “Put it in me, it’s nicer.” “No.” “Oh! it’s all right, it’s nice, put it in.” “No.” “Do, I want a fuck.” “You’ve just been done.” “You do it” I yielded, and putting my prick into her reeking cunt fucked her. “Oh! I’m coming.” “So am I. ‘Oh – ah – ah” I spent, and think she did, am not sure; but she shagged hard, and squeezed me up to her. The sailor had taken my place, and was looking on I suppose, standing with his back against the wall, mumbling something. As my pleasure subsided I could just see the man by the side of us working away, I suppose at his prick, with his fist like a steam engine, I felt the sperm oozing on to my apparatus, all round. “Let’s fuck yer agin,” said the hoarse man’s voice. “I’ll give you money to let him,” said I. Out came my prick. “All right,” said she, “let me piddle first.” “Where is your prick?” I said, “does it stand?” “Bloody fine.” I put my hand on it, and grasped it. A new desire and curiosity about a male organ came over me. The woman had pissed, and was standing up, she caught hold of my prick which was hanging out, whilst I had hold of his prick. Then I took out money, and gave all the silver I had, I don’t know how much. “Put it into her,” I said, frigging it; it was not stiff, and I was impatient to feel him fucking again.

He turned to her front. “Let go my prick,” said he. The girl took it. “It’s not stiff.” “Bloody some thing,” I heard him say. Again I heard the rustle of the frig and of her clothes lifted. “Your cunt’s bloody sloppy,” said the husky voice, and he chuckled. “Make haste,” said the woman. “Oh! the policeman!” Half-way down the road I saw, the bull’s-eye of the policeman’s lantern. I was now standing feeling my own prick with excitement; but at the same instant a glimpse of moon light came from between the heavy clouds, and showed me the man pressing his belly up against the woman, and her petticoats bunched up high. The policeman’s bull’s-eye far off was throwing light across the fields. “The police!” I said. “Come further along,” said the woman dropping her clothes, and moving off still further into darkness, I moving off in the direction of the road. My lust went off, what if the policeman saw and knew me! I got to the road, turned to the left along the crunching gravelled path, walking very quickly, and so soon as I turned the corner took to my heels, and ran hard home, ran as if I had committed a burglary. Letting myself in with my latch-key I found I had left my umbrella behind me. Then a dread carne over me. I had fucked a common street nymph, and in the sperm of a common sailor, both might have the pox, what more probable? I could feel the sperm wet and sticky round my prick, and on my balls. I had then taken to sleeping in my dressing-room. My wife I thought must have been, according to habit, an hour abed. On entering my room there sat she reading, which was a very unusual thing. I sat down wishing she would leave the room, for I wanted to wash and wondered what she would say if she saw me washing my prick at that time of night, or heard me splashing. But she didn’t stir, so taking out the soap unobserved, “I’ve had diarrhoea,” I said, and down I went to the water-closet. Sitting there I washed my prick well in the pan, and went upstairs again. (How many times in my life has a sham ailment helped me?-how many times yet is it to do so?) Fear of the pox kept me awake some time. Then the scene I had passed through excited me so violently, that my prick stood like steel. I could not dismiss it from my mind. I was violently in rut. I thought of frigging, but an irrepressible desire for cunt, cunt, and nothing but it, made me forget my fear, my dislike of my wife, our quarrel, and everything else, and jumping out of bed I went into her room. “I shan’t let you, what do you wake me for, and come to me in such a hurry after you have not been near me for a couple of months, I shan’t, you shan’t, I dare say you know where to go.” But I jumped into bed, and forcing her on to her back, drove my prick up her. It must have been stiff, and I violent, for she cried out that I hurt her. Don’t do it so hard, what are you about!” But I felt that I could murder her with my prick, and drove and drove, and spent up her cursing.

sauna cock mature

While I fucked her I hated her, she was but my spunk-emptier. “Get off, you’ve done it, and your language is most revolting.” Off I went into my bedroom for the night. What I said whilst furiously fucking her, thinking of the sailor’s prick and the spermy quiet of the nymph, and almost mad with excitement, I never knew. I dare say it was hot. For a fortnight I was in a state of anxiety, and twice went to a doctor to examine my prick, but I never took any ailment. I went early next day to see if my umbrella was in the fields, but it was gone. I wonder who had it. I never saw the woman again that I knwv of, but had I seen her five minutes after the event I should not have known her, nor the sailor. He seemed to me a young man of about twenty, groggy and hoarse with cold, his prick seemed about the size of my own. She was a full-sized woman with a big arse, but flabby, Though I could not find my umbrella I saw the spot on which it had stuck into the wet turf, and the place where we had played, for a yard or two square was trodden into mud, whilst all around was green. After I had got over my fears I had a very peculiar feeling about the evening’s amusement. There was a certain amamt of disgust, yet a baudy titillation come shooting up my ballocks when I thought of his prick. I should have liked to have felt it longer, to have seen him fuck, I’d have fagged him till he spent. Then I felt annoyed with myself, and wondered at my thinking of that when I could not bear to be close to a man any-here, I who was drunk with the physical beauty of women. The affair gradually faded from my mind, but a few years after it revived. My imagination in such matters was then becoming more powerful, and giving me desire for variety in pleasures with the sex, and in a degree, with the sexes.

viagra tablet (for recreational purposes only)

As a man as soon as I orgam I just want to chill-out. I love that space, I often think it must be like heaven, as I slowly loose my erection. Maybe after a half an hour or so I’m ready to go again. But it had never occurred to me to cunt_inue pleasuring myself while in this magickal state. An old man once told me about this technique where you gently rock yourself by contacting your belly button and pc muscles alternatively. So I gave it a try. What an amazing experience. My erection became even harder, it’s like the exercise is thrusting energy into your cock, so i could cunt_inue to pleasure myself to a spiritul plateau where I thought I could simple be erect and cunt_inuely orgasmic.  I tried this wonderful experience a few days latter when I had taken a viagra tablet(for recreational purposes only, I hasten to add). The result was even more intense. These amazing sexual experiences has had a very positive effect on me. I feel like I’m on fire, and that I’m going to live for ever. Now what was i saying about an old taoist book? That’s the great thing about getting old. You forget what even took you to life’s most wonderful pleasures in the first place. Namaste, My arse! ” Seb Cox 

old penis kung fu

The great thing about getting older is your penis never stops growing. Ancient Chinese Philosophers (Taoists) believed that as you got older your penis length and thickness increased. Although the rest of the male body stops growing at 30, not your magickal cock. It is understood that this is due to the way men “flutter” (shaking and squeezing) their penis to expel the last few drops after urinating. They also philosophied about the best type of cock for lovemaking. Their conclusion was that a penis with a narrow shaft and a big mushroom head was superior. They invented a special “mushrooms” exercise to improve their penis.


During Taoist meditation(masturbation) when their penis was erect they would cup their hand around the shaft of the penis and squeeze it tightly outwards pumping blood into the “mushroom”. They would continue squeezing very hard until the penis became hard as stone. They found repeating this over a period of time would lead to stronger erections, and a bigger mushroom head. After repeating that exercise several times they would then sit down on a chair with their feet touching the ground firmly and spread there legs. They would proceed to hold their penis at the base slapping it firmly from side to side so that it would alternatively slap on the right and then the left upper leg. This exercise also desensitised their penises helping to delay ejaculation, experience the sensations of in ejaculation, enabling then to make love for much longer periods, and eventually enjoy greater ejaculation and multi orgasmic sensations. I love penis kung fu. It combines masturbation and meditation.

It celebrates the penis as a way to raise ‘sexual energy. It is a delayed ejaculation – the purpose to practice. The aim is to heighten your sexual energy and to feel it for much longer than you would usually. It is about celebrating your entire body and the joy that is your magick touch can bring, touching yourself with a intention of love and respect, it is deeply relaxing and and a great method of meditation and a great way to experience male full body orgasm.

dutch daddy third eye

the bottom line in taoist sex is

Caring and compassion for,

our penis and then the rest,

is simple, natural, plain and quiet.

Taoist sex is about….

…simplifying sex in a honest, natural way.

You’ll have a better orgasm if you have better sex…

silver daddy naked big dick

The secret is being honest,

loving yourself, surrendering,

to your sexual needs and allowing

stillness and patience with yourself.

…it’s that simple.

You should never be in a hurry.

Taoism asks for sex without preconceived ideas.

It is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is about having sex,

that makes you understand yourself better