A Full Wet Kiss?

WhatWouldHappen if God leaned downAnd gave you a full wetKiss? HaFeZ Related Coxologyobsessed with anal orgasmsWorld’s Biggest Penis Massage Surveysecret waysA FUCKING MIRACLE

Your Relationship With God

At Some point Your relationship With God Will Become like this: Next time you meet Him in the forest Or on a crowded city street There won’t be anymore “Leaving.” That is, God […]

ask the moon

I try like to spend an hour every day sitting in the park watching young men, looking after their dogs. I think how a man treats his dog, is a really good indicator […]


The hi(STORY) of HaPenis featuring the work of Ryan Grant Long, aka MeteoDesigns. Please support the artist, you can buy some of his work from $5 Related Coxologystraight men like to be fuckedPerdido […]

HaPenis Lovers

It happens all the time in heaven, And some day It will begin to happen Again on earth — That men and women who are married, And men and men who are Lovers. […]

The Beautiful Game

Young lovers wisely say,“Let’s try it from this angle,Maybe something marvelous will happen,Maybe three suns and two moonsWill roll outFrom a hiding place in the bodyOur passion has yet to ignite.” Old lovers […]

Mr Moon

Mr moon came to me last night With a sweet question. he said, “The sun has been my faithful lover For millions of years. Whenever I offer my body to him Brilliant light […]

The Knowledge of Himself

” Do younot know that He isthe One who presentedthe knowledge of Himselfto you, whereas you arethe one whopresented Himwith deeds?What a differencebetweenwhat He brings to youand what you present to Him. Related […]

a song on his lips…

With looks disheveled, flushed in a sweat of drunkenness. His shirt torn open, a song on his lips and wine cup in his hand. With eyes looking for trouble, lips softly complaining. So at midnight last […]

HaPenis Is?

“HaPenis is right in front of you.” HaFeZ Related CoxologyThe Man of Godfucking Almightyself isolation?Your deepest presence

The Hole of the Moon

“The moon came to me last night and said, The sun has been my faithful lover For millions of years. Whenever I offer my Hole to him, brilliant light pours from his HaPenis. […]

The Lunatic’s Sphere

“Listen; this world is the lunatic’s sphere, Don’t always agree it’s real, even with my feet upon it and the postman knowing my door My address is somewhere else.” HaFeZ A Glimpse of […]

trying to find you

“Ever since HaPenis heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.” Related CoxologyA Unique StoryRUGBY 6 ARSESNude Vintage Beefcake, Cowboys, Boxers and BodyBuildersHaPenis in NZ

Love is Love!

“Ask “the friend” for love, ask him again . . . For I have found that every heart will get what it prays for most.” “I wish I could show you when you are […]


“We have not come here to take prisoners but to surrender ever more deeply To freedom and joy.” Hafez I Related CoxologyLike A Shadowjoy unknownBone the TromboneVintage Homo Erotica Images