Size & Desire: It’s Girth Not Length By Dillon Toyne

It’s a fact that the average sized penis is approximately 6.5”- 7.0” long, so why do men pander after owning a whopper, isn’t a Mini just as smart, if not smarter than an Cadilac?

If you ask most men does size matter, you’ll probably get a response like, “Its not the size, its what you do with it that counts” or, “it’s the girth you should be interested in baby, not the length.” While both are honest replies, these sorts of response, to an obviously probing question, highlights the uncomfortable relationship between a man’s brain and his penis. Dare it be said, the very essence and centre of his masculinity is being put on the spot here! The reality when it comes to driving big motors is that most women prefer the cute and nifty Mini to the understated grandiosity of the Caddy In today’s fair and equal society you would assume that gay men would have the same regard for big’uns as their heterosexual sisters, nice to look at but you wouldn’t want to ride one. However, many a gay lad is known to be fond of the tag XXXL often extending a warm welcome to “the newest and biggest boys in the girls’ class”.

To those particular big boys: listen up, finding an adequate parking spot amongst the twinks, muscle marys and boyish babes hanging out in Soho is gonna be, trust me, not that easy. Boys and girls, it ain’t “big is best” it’s, “how snug is my red-hot motor gonna feel in your parking slot?”

So read on and learn that big is often a drawback not an advantage, it can so often wreck a perfectly good relationship-if you’ll pardon the unintended pun-by coming between two people. It’s not my intention to talk about why big boys are so sort after and admired by women and men alike, rather I’m more interested in the problems big lads face in their day to day lives. For example, how does a big guy who’s over thirty maintain his erection for any decent length of time without the aid of some diamond-shaped chemical stimulant? Think about it, a big dick needs more blood than a small dick; any problems with circulation and you’re straight down the doctor for some jolly blue Viagra. Then there is the problem of only being able to put the tip of your stick, into the mud, because the puddle ain’t as deep you first thought.

Being big is a problem for many men who measure up beyond the average mark, so think long and hard you small guys about wanting to play with the bigger boys. Whether making a frontal assault or one on the rear, big boys don’t always have it so easy.

Someone once told me that if I had 5 inches I’d be a very different person, and although I think this person was trying to have a go at me I do think they were probably right, but not having 5 inches I cannot be 100% sure. Yes being above average does offer a degree of self-confidence that those who were at the back of the queue for willies, I suspect lack. But don’t be fooled, being big brings with it serious problems.


For women its breasts that are the issue, some women will attempt breast augmentation to ease their sense of inadequacy, but having done so these same women often find they have made an error in their beautification process, and so later request reductive surgery note Jordan a.k.a. Katie Price or is that Andre? Equally some men have sort the skills of the surgeon to enhance their own standing in the arena of love. But have these guys ever thought how embarrassing it can be when you are walking down the street, dressed in a pair of loose fitting boxers underneath those baggy jeans, and you get a stiffy? You can’t hide such things when you are well endowed, well not as easily as those with smaller dicks. I was reliably informed once, by an East London prostitute who has many years of experience in the SM scene, that “those you’d say were well endowed expect to get their cocks abused… why? Cos its so big.” When I asked what was meant by “abuse their cock” I was given a long list of punishments beginning with spanking and gentle whipping, progressing on to, “the insertion into the client’s urethra of several graduated, sounds or metal rods” and sometimes ending with the “piercing ritual”, ouch! There is of course always the advantage that being hung like a horse means you can push the shopping cart while not actually being near the thing, but that should only be a party trick, performed amongst the very closest of friends and never in public.

I am a first-hand witness to the dreadful consequences such bravado can have upon a couple and wiser for the experience. Ever since my ex stormed out of the local mini-market, announcing to the shocked onlookers that I was not her boyfriend, but some stalking pervert with a thing about grocery shopping, I have carried a basket rather than push a cart around the aisles of the out-of-town Safeways.

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Three months after the incident with the shopping cart I heard my ex shout back at me, as she walked through passport control on her way to a new life, “It was all those f***ing afternoons I came home from work to find you watching that queer guy on Supermarket Sweep that convinced me we weren’t compatible.” Finally, to all you guys still reading, ask yourself this, if you were/are a big lad, how’d you know your partner is interested in you, maybe its just what you keep hidden in your pants that keeps them sweet? I have asked myself this question every time I chat somebody up and I am forever coming up with the same unreliable answer, “Its my mind they are interested in not my dick”. Then something happens once too often; as you kiss last-night’s conquest goodbye you are given a phone number, which later when you call it you are greeted with those immortal words “Can I take your order please sir?” Its then you realise the girls and or boys are only interested in what’s down your pants. Eventually you find yourself surfing the Internet for anything on “cheap rate penile reduction surgery”.  Of course you will always get those who are envious of another man’s endowment, but they are the deluded ones, the hypocrites. While feebly dismissing the significance of size, they secretly hanker for that 3” diameter vac pump.

Which leaves just one last thing to say, come on people give the big guy a break, its hard enough as it is being big, but having to live up to everyone’s great expectations only adds to the pressures of being the “the boy with most to offer”.

Size & Desire: It’s Girth Not Length  By Dillon Toyne

the art of cock docking

There is nothing on this earth as erotic and exciting as the art of cock docking with another man. Jim Hudson explains. 

I love cock docking. Lubed up boners, drooling both with their own pre-cum, heads engorged with blood to the point that the old-fashioned looking fireman’s helmet shaped pink-purple colored heads appear to have little pimples all over them in anticipation. One of you tweaks the others nips. A soft moan goes out. You place the head of your boner underneath your manboners boner. You’ve already retracted his foreskin back. He’s a lucky lad – it’s long, soft, very stretched out and could fit a tank under it. You pull it forward over both heads and anchor it to the middle of the shaft of your boner with your fingers. He then takes both penis heads in hand and slowly twirls each of them over and around each other underneath that wet, slippery, warm and incredibly exciting foreskin as you both release your loads of spurts of cum , shaking and shivering with joy and pleasure as the semen all drops to the floor in a dollop. And both penises are still throbbing in relief.

At times in the early morning hours, when you first waken and your morning stiffy has oozed a bit of pre-cum, you lay atop of it , relax, sort of go back to a half sleep and then awaken fully to a climax (jism still warm, sticky and leaking through your Jockey shorts) as you’ve dreamed about the cock docking you did the night before.

In ireland, we don’t get the tip of our fucking knobs chopped off

I fucking completely disagree with that. People say, “It’s much cleaner to have no foreskin.” What, have you never heard of a fucking shower? Or Q-Tips?

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Whatever you want to do it, just clean the fucking thing. I was at the party with 20 people, one of them an agent from CAA, when somehow the subject of foreskins came up. She said, “I just don’t understand a foreskin. I’ve never seen one.” So I whipped out my dick and said, “Here, that’s all it is. A bit of skin.” I did a little Puppetry of the Penis thing and showed her what it was about. You would have thought she was at a circus the way she was looking at me” Colin Farrell.

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An Introduction to Your Penis

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When I was very young, I was often multi-orgasmic but only while masturbating, never with another person.I was stimulate myself till the point of ejaculating, then stop…a drop of cum would come out. then I would stimulate myself, and another drop. I could do this for an hour or more and have all these mini-orgasms. … Read moremulti s.Punk man

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Circumcision gained popularity in the United States during the 19th century to help stop masturbation. About 80% of men in the US are still circumcised today. The rate here in the United Kingdom is 15%(source). The  rate in Sweden is 2%, where non-medical circumcision is now illegal(source)


The foreskin is the most sensory parts of the penis. In fact, it has more nerve endings than any other part of the penis. That makes it responsible for a tremendous amount of pleasure. The average male foreskin contains 20,000 nerve endings. According to one study, the least sensitive part of the foreskin is more sensitive than the rest of the penis. But the foreskin is much more than just a pleasure receptor, it has many function. Since the foreskin has the most number of sensory nerves, it serves numerous sexual functions. Since it acts as a cover to the glans of a penis, it also serves numerous protective functions. The foreskin is the most important source of an orgasm-inducing sensation. During intercourse, the foreskin produces a “gliding action” that reduces friction and enhances lubrication. On the downside, having a foreskin feels so good that uncut men are more likely to develop premature ejaculation. Some circumcised men have been able to regrown their foreskin with a device called a tugger. Any circumcised man can experience what it is like to have a foreskin by getting a mate with a long one to pull it over his helmet. This is called docking, cock docking. Foreskins can be used to make skin grafts for burn victims. One foreskin can actually provide four acres worth of grafted skin.

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How can I avoid a tight foreskin?

There’s one very easy way. A study in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine in 1997 of men aged 18-22 found that those with a tight foreskin either never masturbated or used an unusual technique. Once they did masturbate in a more conventional way (ie. an up and down motion mimicking sex), the problem righted itself in a few weeks.

I proclaim my foreskin proudly. Growing up, I kept my skin pulled back to expose my cockhead, ashamed that I was not circumcized. Appalling, considering how much I now love my skin. I learned how to stretch the overhang after joining the Uncut Club of America. Because I am aware of the paroxisms of pleasure derived in chewing on the foreskin by both chewer and chewee, I use this technique when I perform fellatio. I always seek men with the biggest cocks and the longest overhangs and use my teeth to send my partners into a state of bliss by chewing, nibbling, biting their foreskins to a fair-the-well. I have had encounters with some foreskin lovers who offered to pay me for not washing my cock for a week, so turned on by the cheese (in the south we called it “duck butter) that forms in just a day or so of inattention. What a great Website this is! Informative and educational and so fucking hot. About foreskin restoration, the late, great porn superstar Al Parker was in the process of restoring his ‘skin when he died from AIDS. In his last few videos, he proudly displayed his regained ‘skin which he enhanced by using his vacuum pump. What a turn-on. Al became an avid activist against circumcision IVce Kin


It has been disappointing to be cut. I’m getting older, and it seems that my foreskin “is growing back”. I was cut at age “eight days” like jewish males do. Since weather here is nice most of the year, my winnie shrinks to about one inch early in the morning bewfore taking my first lick. That’s when my new foreskin covers my dick head. For me it is annoying, since I’m not accustomed to having my glands covered up. Once, I pull back the “growing prepuse”, I shake my flacid cock, so as to feel “I’m free again”. It’s funny. It seems that circumcision has been a tradition in my male family for a long time. Perhaps due to the fact that most Spaniards that came to conquer Latin America 600 years ago were Jewish descendants (80 per cent of Latin Americans have Sephardic (Jewish) last names.) So, when I started to know about jacking off and fucking bitches and girlfriends, I started to notice that I was missing my foreskin’s pleasure. I started to envy uncut men, especially my best buddies whom I used to watch naked off and on. They all seemed to have “greater sex” than me, but lasted less in cumming than I did. I still take a long time to cum, and can enjoy jerking off longer than most uncut males. When fucking my wife I have started to feel that I don’t have the sensations that uncut men do. I sometimes feel nothing. So it takes loger for me to cum when I’m inside my wife’s cunt. I receive greater pleasure when I wank alone, to tell you the truth, because I can use my hand to feel the sensations that my cut dick doesn’t give me.

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It’s quite frustrating! I don’t blame dad and mom (now deceased), because I also had my two boys circumcized when recently born. Now they have boys too, and they don’t want to keep up the family tradition. So my two grandchldren are uncut. I guess I’ll never find out what do uncut men feel when they fuck their wives or when they jack off. Oh, but even so, in spite of the fact that my parents ruined some part of my sex life, I usually enjoy great cummings, at least three times a week in spite of the fact that I’m getting to be almost 70. Another bad experience is that in order to have a hardon with the wife, I need Viagra, and that slows the tickling feeeling in my frenum and glands, and of course, it takes me more than an hour to feel that “I’m cumming”. I need my hand to finish sometimes, because wife won’t endure me that long. But when I do finally reach the “petit mort“, it’s glorious, and my almost six-incher explodes with joy to life, and to the fact that I’m still cumming! If you are going to have male children, I advise you to leave them uncut. Teach them to clean their penis well when taking a shower, and I’m sure they will be happier boys and men than us cut males! Fukytown

I am 71 and circumcised. It seems a lot of men of my age in the UK were done as babies and not really sure why as it certainly wasn’t for religious reasons – probably some medical fad at the time. It seems to have died out now in the UK but still seems to be the norm in the US. I can’t say that I have any strong feelings either way about circumcision and don’t really feel that I have missed out on anything as I still get very strong erections at 71 and have very pleasurable orgasms. As a boy I used to feel slightly repelled by the sight of an uncircumcised cock but now find them somewhat mysterious and exciting. Let’s celebrate our cocks in all their forms!

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to remove the foreskin

I don’t see any reason to remove the foreskin, and hygiene is the worst of them… we have crap in our noses, and then let’s remove the nostrils! That way, we can breathe clearly and no need no. Our lips are also extra skin, let’s remove them! We might decrease saliva and food residue in … Read moreto remove the foreskin

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An intimate interview with the sexy, hung and 4SKIN PORN ACTOR MAX DURO. A new entry in the world of 4skin porn star Max Duro Celebrity Cock Matthew Camp  More Famous Cocks : Chris Camplin Big Bear Cock Celebrity / SKANDAL Novak Djokovic / RENE GRINCOURT NAKED / Juan Carlos Navarro Erect / Cantana’s Wisdom /  François Sagat’s Beauty / Shia LaBeouf Naked … Read morehung and Uncut PORN ACTOR MAX DURO

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