swingers party

One of my deepest fantasies is to fuck women with other men fucking other women as well, a kind of swingers party or orgy. I’ve only have done twice. One when I was about 35 years old visiting the U.S. We were a bunch of foreigners working for a international company. There were Indians, one Nepalese, three Arabs, one Thai, and me. There were two women, but they did not participate. Since I had lived in the U.S., and liking to be aleader, I took my peers first to watch Caligula at a Georgetown theatre. We all got hot. We hadn’t had sex for weeks, and our wives were back home. So, we wnet into this table dance bar and ordered beer, and watch black women strip and dance showing us their big cunts. We were hotter than before. The Indians and the Arabs seemed to have never had this type of experience, since they have lots of sexual restrictions back home. This was back in the early 80’s. So, we asked the ladies how much dis they charge for a fuck. They said it would costs us $50 bucks a piece. So we hired several whores, and got us all in a back room. I had the old fantasy that I wanted to fuck several ladies, sticking my six-incher inside each of several pussies. So, we all got naked. Boy, those Arabs withe theri 8-9 inch boners. Gorgeous! The Indians had regular seven-inch pricks and uncut as the arabs. The thai and me were “normal” about six inches long. So, I got them into fuck the ladies from behind, while they were standing bending down and forward. We started ramming our hard-ons on each one turnbing turns, while two stood in front of the five ladies and had their peckers sucked. Then we continued going around sticking our naked and young cocks in and out, sucked, in and out, till we all started to come one by one in the ladies mouths. What a fuck! What an orgy!

The second time was with my military friend in a nearby town. We had been drinking with other officers, and we all went into this whore and night club place. We continued drinking and petting all kinds of bitches. My friend Ted saw al old whore friend of him talking and drinking at a nearby table with a rich man who was carrying a gun. We also had guns. Since we were tipsy, he approached the lady and asked her to have a fuck with him. She got angry and assked her old rich man to defend her from Ted. The man pulled his gun out and threatened to kill my friend. We wnet out in the strret and my pal also pulled his gun out. They threatend each other, pointing their guns at each other, while I stepped in between. We both finally took the old man’s gun away from him. I convivned Ted, who is now a General, to fuck another lady. We were liuetenants then. So, we got us two whores, and rented one master suite. Got undressed, and drank some more beer. We both had blow jobs first. I was able to watch Ted’s black and uncut seven-and-a-half inch dick. We had seen each other cocks before, and he bragged that he was one and a half inch longer than my white cut dick. Any way, he put the gun on a night table, just in caser the old man came around to annoy us, and we fucked the two ladies in all kinds of positions. We were in our early 30’s. Boy, this was something that I would like to happen once omre, especillay with some one that is well-hung, since big dicks make me hornier. I don’t think I’m gay, but perhaps and not all that straight. What do you think?  Tarnish

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