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  1. I had my fantasy cum true.

    Meating a man online who had the hottest fetish I hadn’t known before. He was a banker, he showed people that he loved to post pics in his work clothes and play with his cock. He only posted one vid and I chatted a number of times with him.

    Eventually he told me his work and I said where I lived. I made the effort to find a way to get to him. There was a way and the chance happened! Oh man, I was nervous. Though I was horny as hell I was afraid if we did what he asked and we got caught the cops would be on us hard.

    He said he made a two hour “call meeting” with someone to the others at work and he had his own desk. I was nervous like hell but I knew he would let me in and make something up if I showed.

    I knocked on the door. I almost walked but he opened it a crack. I was surprised to see him up close. He walked back to his desk and I checked out his suited ass. Nice looking for a guy possibly in his 40s.

    He quietly admitted he never did something like this before (he would expect this kind of fantasy happen with a chick) and I told him to close his eyes if he felt strange.

    As he sat at his swivel chair I leaned behind him and blew gently into his ear. Then the most sensual way I kissed it and lightly nibbled it. He had cute big ears.

    I told this glasses-wearing guy how sexy he was and he faded off into some kind of bliss as I put my hand on his chest. Feeling his heat, his heart beating fast against my palm.

    His breathing quickened, I then lightly touched at the buttons on his shirt. I was only able to pop off some buttons but I put my hand under the fabric and felt his shirted chest wet with perspiration.

    As I moved down to get under his t-shirt, he moaned. I was scared, I thought people heard it! He moved back a little and I saw the reason for his suffering.

    A huge tent in his dress slacks. It was throbbing and begging for something. Anything!

    My hand went under and up his belly while he moaned some more and with surprise, I unzipped his pants and fished out his slippery cock.

    “Oh shit, oh shit. I forgot tissues! I don’t want to get fired and get my PC.”

    He got his lower body under the desk. I peered at him, staring into his pupils and he started to stare back. He was surprised how much I looked at him like it was into him and he looked like he was shocked he wanted me so bad.

    We kissed hard, our intimate play happening just beyond anyone others eyes. My horny banker kept kissing me then suddenly panted hard three times and threw his head back into his neck rest.

    My hand was still warm against his belly and up his chest my other jerking his slippery cock, wet with juice and the beautiful sounds of friction added wonderful ambience and the guy shouted “OooooH!” as he fired his cock, spraying hard against the wood of the table.

    From the feel of the goo it was like it covered the underside. It continued to drip onto my hand and it messed his pants bad.

    “Oh no. What will I tell them?”

    Then we looked at each other and smiled. I was surprised at my submissive-like self. “Oh well, it was worth it, damn!”

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