I shall fight openly for that which no living Englishman dare defend, even in secret — sodomy! At school I was taught to admire Plato and Aristotle, who recommend sodomy to youths. I am not so rebellious as to oppose their dictum; and in truth there seems no better way to avoid the contamination of woman and the morose pleasures of solitary vice. (Not that women themselves are unclean; it is the worship of them as ideals that rots the soul). Again we may say that all the great men of antiquity were sodomites: Socrates, Caesar, Alexander, Martial, Catullus, Virgil, Achilles; Napoleon, Frederick the Great, Goethe, Shakespeare, Bacon, an unbroken line of English monarchs; Mohammed, Benvenuto Cellini, Wilde, Symonds, Emerson, Pater, Fitz-Gerald, Leighton, Whitman, Michael Angelo, Leonardo, and a host of others — even unto this hour. But of this hour I will not speak. I am now collecting a great body of evidence similar to that which Herr Harden has gathered in Germany, and involving an even higher class of society. Not in the least to show the corruptions of that class; but to proclaim sodomy as an aristocratic virtue, which our middle class had better imitate if they wish to be smart. If I have not already published the correspondence in my possession between the late Duke of Clarence and “Boy Morgan” — as well as many other important papers — and a pretty penny they have cost me! — it is not for any dog-in-the manger reasons, but because it would coincide so dramatically with the moment when, like Socrates, I get into trouble for corrupting morality, and because I never like to leave a job half done. It is almost incredible how large a number of peers there are against whom I have not a shadow of evidence or even suspicion. Luckily the judges are less wary. While the bishops are such easy game as to be hardly worth powder and shot. There, I’ve done it now!

Aleister Crowley

Defending the practice of sodomy because it was practiced by famous and respected philosophers, and is therefore somehow valid, is an illogical argument. It neither validates -nor condemns – that practice. Famous and respected people have practiced horrific things, and history is replete with examples. Famous and respected people have also attacked the practice of sodomy. If sodomy is valid, then cite the actual merits of why it’s valid. Any other argument is simply, as the ancients wrote, nothing but sophistry.


10 thoughts on “Butt Sophistry?

  1. Not sure I agree with using ancients and philosophy to justify this practice, which I know is a popular form among many even women. I don’t like the reference to “youth” as any sexual action that takes advantage of a youth is uncalled for.

  2. Dear Dan and Aleister,
    And surely such a beautiful ass covered with hair that grows thicker along the inner thighs as it approaches the gap you long to penetrate deserves some biting and licking, with nose and tongue pushing inward before the Almighty Cock arrives, thrusting and thundering and spewing white lightening like Judgement Day? It would feel delicious, a small and savory and thrilling mercy, being nosed and licked, no need to rush, saliva soaking the skin and muscles of the hole now softer and pinker, little hungry tongue tip pushing in and in, little pink mouth opening wider, please feed me, oozing the smell and taste of the man who has now become ripe for fucking.

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