I’m an older gay man and have only had sexual relations with str8 men. I’m not sure why. I know that some say that if you have sex with men then your not str8 but gay. Well I know a lot of str8 men that have sex with men on occasion. Emotionally they are attracted to women and dont want that kind of relationship with another man. Just the sex. Well recently the brother of my sisters husband came to visit over the Xmas holiday. I’m 42 yrs old and he is 22. We have known each other for 6 yrs and have always been buddies. But this time he came to visit things changed between us and we had sex twice. Afterwards it was very confusing for me. I’m not sure if I crossed a line that I should not have since he is so much younger than me and is family by marriage. We have talked about it and hes fine with everything. We are closer now as friends then we were before. But I still sort of feel guilty. str8 acting?

Hi Jo, I’m straight, gay, bisexual, all of the above. In my own long life of sex with both men and women, the thing that has counted for me is emotional, not just physical contact. It’s all good if it’s consensual, but connecting with the person inside the body, for me, is best. AJ


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  1. I love blowing straight married men.

    I’m a massage therapist and though I do legitimate massage, there are those occasions when a hot straight married man is on my table and things get fun. I get married men who are in a situation where the kids are grown, away at school, but their wife has lost interest in sex. They come for a good massage but find that lying nude on my table and getting a good strong massage turns them horny. As they turn onto their back, they apologize for their huge hardon. I let them know it’s natural and healthy, I encourage them to enjoy the massage and enjoy their sexual excitement and erection. No shame in my studio, let a man be a man. I tell them it’s OK if they want to fondle themselves. Well with my encouraging attitude this often leads to their confession that they are horny sexual men and are getting no satisfaction from their wives. Well, I see it as my responsibility to help out these men and often after the massage I let them stay, they love remaining nude, and being able to fondle and enjoy their erection, sometimes leading to curiosity, mutual fondling, etc. As their sexual tension heightens, I offer my services. They kick back in my comfortable studio chair and have me service them or they are more aggressive and take an active role in fucking my mouth. Str8 married men are sexual dynamos once you allow them to let loose, they aggressive use my mouth, cum all over me, and let me lick them clean afterwards. I usually join them in the shower and continue to cater to their mascuilinty, soaping and washing their bodies often leading to a second round of fun.

  2. Mark,

    Your penis is very beautiful, whatever your sexual identity or public persona might be. Simply lovely.


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