When you can’t be with anybody but yourself; It involves appreciating your own body. Appreciating yourself for who you are. Finding beauty in yourself. feeling healthy. Being nude and free. Nourishing the body with vitamin D through the sun. Creating your own visual images. Turning yourself on by watching your body get excited….looking at your own images and reliving the excitement of the moment… teasing, edging….and finally letting go..watching yourself begin to cum. Watching the contractions, feeling that emotional release, the electrifying pulsation, feeling the warmth erupt from your body, and that sense of release, feeling all those post orgasmic feelings  …. We tend to enjoy things that are external to us. When we are with others their excitement sometimes ignites our own, During this pandemic and while alone, you are the other person…it’s time to appreciate yourself; go deep within and love the internal/eternal you… 

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