secret policemen

We were travelling to another state with a goverment official. He would attend the Governor’s annual address. I was his pressman. There were four bodyguards along. The nighrt before the Governor’s address, he took off to visit friends and family in another town. So the bodyguards invited me and my photographer to join them for a night spree of drinking and fucking. We went to a bar first and drank two bottles of rum. Then we went to a Whores’ Night Club. It was the State annual fair. There was strip-tease, and lots of whores. Two of the bodyguards had a quarrel with other state secret policemen over a chick. I had to intervene and stop the fight, although it was dangerous for all of them had pulled their official guns out. But nothing happened, and we all went back to our tables. We kept drinking and talking to whores and letting them make us horny by grabbing our cocks. After a while the four bodyguards went to fuck their whores at the back of the place. My photographer and I kept getting pre-cum all over our underwear and pants, while two nice ladies started to jack us off. We then decided to fuck them too, but asked if we could fuck them in the same room. So, we both got naked and watched our burning coks hungry for cunt. His erect and uncut dick was about seven and a half long, mine, regular cut prick, six inches. There were to beds and we started to get sucked, and later we both exchanged girls. We were going at it, when all of a sudden we heard someone fire a gun at the dancing floor. We didn’t wait to cum, since the two whores ran out leaving us horny as hell. We both put our pants on, and grabbing the rest of our clothes, running out to see what was happeing. The bodyguard leader was wearing just his trunks, but had a machine gun pointing to the ceiling, and his gun pointing to one of the state secret policemen. The latter was naked, but no hard-on. The other two state policemen were in front of my buddy, stark-naked, and their guns on the floor. Emil, the leader, was asking all of us to run to the official secret police cars they way we were. I’m holding the fort, he said..Hurry! All the customers were frightened and hiding behind tables and chairs.

big black leather boots removedThe owner and the waiters were hiding behind the bar. Emil kept threatening everyone, and went down the stairs and got into the car, wearing his undies only. The two cars pulled out of the scene as fast as they could. I was riding Emil’s car. He started to laugh his head off, telling us that while he was fucking the best whore, the leader of the state secret policmen came into his room, and threatened him with his gun. He said he was going to kill Emil, because his other bodyguards had trouble with his men a few minutes ago. Since the state policeman was drunk and naked, Emil was able to unarmed him easily, and led him to the main floor. He led the guy out to his car, and took a machine gun out of the trunk and went back to the main room pointing the two guns at the fat naked police leader. He had no time to put on his slacks, shirt, etc., but fired the gun to the ceiling. The three state policemen were scared to death, as well as all the customers. That is when we all came half-naked to see what had happened. We all ran to the car, and then we all pulled out as fast as we could. What a night!, it was like a gangsters’ film, with lots of fucking but not cumming! THE END Seraphym

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