Real scratching is superior to masturbation, in my opinion. One can masturbate up to the age of seventy, and even beyond, but in the end it becomes a mere habit. Whereas to scratch myself properly I would have needed a dozen hands. I itched all over, on the privates, in the bush up to the navel, under the arms, in the arse, and then patches of eczema and psoriasis that I could set raging merely by thinking of them. It was in the arse I had the most pleasure, I stuck in my forefinger up to the knuckle.

Samuel Beckett, First Love and Other Novellas

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2 thoughts on “Scratching My Arse

  1. Could be candida! Eat less sugar, do a detox, use some castor oil on the itchy areas. The itching could be caused by a number of things. best to try and resolve it because broken skin can lead to infection. Epson salt baths and topical witch hazel is good too!

    1. Almost definitely fungal. Many autoimmune diseases are infact fungus. Malassezia

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