Real scratching is superior to masturbation, in my opinion. One can masturbate up to the age of seventy, and even beyond, but in the end it becomes a mere habit. Whereas to scratch myself properly I would have needed a dozen hands. I itched all over, on the privates, in the bush up to the navel, under the arms, in the arse, and then patches of eczema and psoriasis that I could set raging merely by thinking of them. It was in the arse I had the most pleasure, I stuck in my forefinger up to the knuckle.

Samuel Beckett, First Love and Other Novellas

2 thoughts on “Scratching My Arse

  1. Could be candida! Eat less sugar, do a detox, use some castor oil on the itchy areas. The itching could be caused by a number of things. best to try and resolve it because broken skin can lead to infection. Epson salt baths and topical witch hazel is good too!

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