Dailey advice to maintain sexual energy and well-being. It should be a necessity to begin your daily routine. Your swollen member pointing to the Heavens in all it’s glory. A symbiotic relationship occurs, The middle ground a Nirvana reaching this point. The ultimate goal (and necessary) the culmination of pleasurable thought and ejaculation. Ready to move on your day with energy and thought. Remember this time of self pleasure should follow you in your endeavours.. (do it often). It’s been wonderful to find this site. I find daily inspirations in every nook and cranny of this site. I’ve never found a place as frank and open as here. No subject too taboo too out of range or taboo as the subjects here here. It’s all in bounds of the tasteful if not eloquent. The male experience is fully explored and penetrated with the male experience. Masturbation no longer is a hurried experience, rather, meant to be a mindful event delving into the sexual mindset to fit that certain purpose. Kudos for birthing this site to the mindful lustings of the human male.

Do not yield your member to sin as instruments of wickedness, but yield yourselves to God as a man who have been brought from death to life, and your cock to God as an instrument of righteousness.

3 thoughts on “Sexual Energy & Well-Being

  1. I find that being around other naked men, seeing them, being in a group of them gives an aura of sexual energy. Some big, some cut, some not, some hard and pulsing as they twitch, begging to be sucked and drained. Just seeing them, wanting to taste them all with uninhibited pleasure, I don’t feel that energy unless I’m in that situation. Keeps my cock very hard, even after I’ve expelled my own, hot thick load, it keeps me hard watching them.

  2. Love this hairy man,love to suck those juicey man tits, then suck that daddy cock till he comes all over my hairy chest, yes sir please let me pleasure your beautiful hairy body&soul,,,

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