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Bristol Gardens Health Spa, 24-26 Bristol Gardens, Kemptown, Brighton, East Sussex . BN2 5JR. Tel: 01273 698904. Feel free to leave a review below.


I visited this Spa this week the wet facilities are in the basement there are two large saunas one steam room a six seater jacuzzi three two person hot baths and also a six person hot bath, these were great the hot temp was very relaxing and just right,I followed this in a great cool swim pool the whole area is nicely tiled and very impressive and also very clean. on the next floor are the coffee shop with food and changing rooms the next floor has a small lounge with Tv I think then on to the rest area which is separate six rooms with one or two beds and lockable doors and two rooms which have six beds side by side which are raised up high,this area had male and females resting and was a very friendly area, Upstairs again to a sunbathing indoor area with perspex roof and also an outdoor sunbed area completely private and not overlooked. I was there on a weekday afternoon/evening the clientele were friendly females 30 to 55 approx some gay chaps who were all very respectful and some BI/straight chaps who were as horny as hell with the women about, every one was really relaxed and comfortable with each other and there were lots of people getting to know each other well, it was great. It is open from 12am -10pm daily all sessions are mixed but its couples only sats and suns and naturist at all times. (Raymond)

Bristol Gardens Health Spa, 24-26 Bristol Gardens, Kemptown, Brighton, East Sussex . BN2 5JR. Tel: 01273 698904

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  1. A really good facility, which includes hot tubs, steam rooms, two pine-clad saunas, Jacuzzi, swimming pool. Mostly friendly older gay men

  2. The constant pestering and following by old men is both off putting and creepy. Then to go along two days later and witness the same guys giving head or accepting it from other guys. No, this place has had its time. Saturdays is like a personal swingers club for Mingers. All of them know each other, have their favourites . Sam is getting worse, the manager is so rude.

  3. Agree with you totally, this is the reason we stopped going too. We enjoy party nights at Eurekas and have met some fantastic people there and been invited to provate parties too. Much better scene

  4. OCTOBER 2016 Last Visit…….and I am afraid to say that most of the reviews here are spot on. The degree of same sex stuff between the guys is very off putting. We stopped going during the week as they constantly followed us around even to the Lounge and then stood outside the door tapping when we went upstairs. I have seen the same guys giving and recieing head from other guys when I went on my own.. Anyway we have now stopped going weekends as well… It is the same couples there, all hardened swingers and all .. a bit harsh but true, a little on the past it side.. We go to Eureka’s Party Nights now as do a lot of others. Shame, but the Manageress decided long ago she didn’t care.

  5. We stopped going as I went on my own and the same guys that wanted sex with her were all doing each other when no women were there.. So many gays and bisexuals and very off putting as none used condoms. We now use FabSwingers and other sites to arrange meetings… it is so off putting now and disease ridden.

  6. I have to agree that it is now, sadly, mostly gays in there during the week and Fridays, although Saturday Night is still full on with swingers.. but it is invariably the same couples and some have been laid so many times… aside for the cumsdumpsters that attend… the men are not much better … my wife and I now go to Eurekas.

  7. Mostly gays there now but occasionally you get a couple midweek and they pull a train. Saturday nights is the same old crowd! But few serios mingers but game on.

    1. Well whilst I will admit that the same old slappers are there must weeks…with the summer coming I am hoping for a few new faces, my FWB will not go at the moment as she doesnt want the same oldies groping her and no new totty…during the week it is laughable that they are all sucking each other off and then she arrives to meet me and all of a sudden they are straight” UGH!

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