I am a mature and experienced wanker and and make time daily for my long masturbation meditation edge. I wank regularly for three hours and my record is over 6. My wanking is usually focused on the crown of my cock. At the end of each session I get mindblowing’ male orgasms and oozed spunk for 20 minutes and just lie there as I am unable to move. I enjoy edging a lot and and am addicted to the endorphins in the blood and the feeling that it gives. I am a mature male masturbator. In my teen years I jacked off many times a day, and as I grew older, I became a pro edger, making my masturbation sessions last longer and longer with huge intense orgasms, often with other men beside me. It was thrilling. Still at it.


It’s a matter of timing more than anything. If you can hold off from 30 minutes of constant stimulation, you can hold off indefinitely. But you should also be able to shoot quickly and take the edge off.


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  1. I’m new here and do not have much experience in giving head.I was wondering if there are any men aged 21-40 in Erie,Pa.who are pretty hung that I could give head to discreetly? I am in my forties,handsome,tall and athletic built.

  2. I fascinated by my namesake wanking habits I do enjoy masturbation as well but not so intensely , I do enjoy a slow wank as well probably between 30 minutes and a hour I’m also a mature man but not old , when in my teens and twenties I could easily do it 3 or 4 times a day, also when younger I also got alot of precum with a slow wank or obviously when you had a intense hard on

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