I was always taught to be religiously English, I believed I was until I tried cock, If I never tried cock would I still be hetero. I tried cock and I loved it now I wouldn’t stop If I had to I still fuck women, but only If they want to I won’t jump through hoops for pussy. But I can only go so long without a cock to suck or a man to be intimate with, I accept it as who I am without regrets, accept living ST8. My neighbor Pete and I give each other blowjobs and fuck on the side. One time he suggested I fuck his wife because he knew I liked her big ass and tits, I told him was he serious he said sure, I said OK, he also wanted to watch, OK so we start at the 69 position she’s sucking me and her pussy-juice is dripping all-over my face. After that we start fucking me on top of her, and were going at it pretty good and pete says he wants to fuck-me, his wife says what!! Pete says your fucking him I want some too! I said quit arguing and lets fuck, Pete’s wife said your amazing I’ve been wanting a man like you for a long time, Thank You she said. And all three of us fucked our asses off me giving it to that big pussy who knew how to use her muscle so it felt tight, and Pete giving me all eight inches and licking my ears like he’s done before. 


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