Hello God

This class will feature the most amazing touch. Reiki is Universal Energy, Tantra Human Energy. Bringing Reiki into the Dragon helps to Activate the Tantric Human Energy creating massage session bursting with bliss and creating intense relaxation at the same time through Divine Touch, Seeing may be believing but touching is definitely experiencing!

During the session you will:
§ Create a silent internal space to open the energy channels
§ invoke the universal energy using sacred symbols
§ Activate and balance the body chakra system
§ Energise the lingam Chakra System
§ Arouse the Lingam Head Chakras
§ Use sacred energetic touch to give an arousing, energising massage from the Dragon to the Crown
§ Integrate the energy using the ring of confidence 


Seeing may be believing but touching is definitely experiencing!

One thought on “Hello God

  1. Mr Cox is the most experienced and enlightened male masseur working in London. His pioneering male massages offer all men, regardless of sexual orientation the opportunity to reclaim and reawaken the sensual dimension of their masculinity. Based in Central London.
    At the moment I am running five different classes
     Tantric Male Massage For Beginners
     Rosebud Massage
     Jade Dragon Manhood Massage
     Advanced Cock Massage Techniques
     The Three Circle Ritual


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