The Header Image is Slovakia Male Models Daniel and Feri. Photographer: Milan Junek

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8 thoughts on “Dani & Feri

  1. Beautiful! This photo is a masterpiece of male nude erotic photography of the highest artistic caliber!

  2. So wow oh wow—whoa and wonderful—more epic vigor and corporal elegance beaming from the human male than the day Pericles handed Phidias a pencil made of diamond dust and the sweat of Achilles.
    Ironically, for depictions of living flesh, the black & white photographs are the most compelling, perhaps because they forever telegraph to the future an esthetic defining the 20th century at its most iconic: A streamlined, muscular navigation—and consequent protection and possession—of every universe within reach.
    That conceit of mercantile industrialism—stolid gray polarized to ebony black and ivory white—also evolved to imply the creamiest of creamy blooms before the obsequy for aridity, the harvest of inevitability, signed, “desiccatedly dedicated to the one I love(d).”
    Most of the men here, in other words, are gone, or, like me, still enjoy passion, but sometimes more in recollection than by current erection. But I’m open to gentle persuasion by anyone of Mediterranean descent, or dissolution. In fact I bet it sould be a fertile project in reciprocation—why wouldn’t we all be enriched by firmer encounters between sweet, young men and burnished-silver boys in our rambling, rascally community of citizen lovers? Why, why, why not!
    How nurturing it’d be if this—our—community promoted more interface and exchange between the 50s-60s-70s/experienced vintagereons and the 20s-30s-40s/expect-to-live-foreverans. An occasional cocktail gathering, maybe, for pan-generational group hugs on a clothes-optional community room rug, or a brandy & snuggle-to-warm-our-feets under some cuddle-me-please-sir flannel sheets?
    Relax, handsome. No expectations really necessary; I’m only proposing a transcendent revolution amongst gay men and our fundamental impulses of regard for each other. Let me express this in flaeless Clasdical Latin:
    Provixisse, aevolisse, verbum caro factum est.
    Virgil took 600 pages, his entire life and estate (and most of Octavian’s) to say the same thing and rhyme it, girl—Arma virumque means never having to ask for more affection between-+
    Cano! 5 ‘clock shadow type of blue-sky daddy, and the
    Smooth like a man-kind of strawberry laddy, the
    Shorn or well-worn, oaken fragrant Spartan and
    Heroic refugee rescuer I seek; heart of brawn, he, & angelically hairy . . . . 🪢🫀🌠🧼📬❤️‍🩹🕚💬🎶🛤⚓️🏹🥂🌭🌦🦚🐷🦊🐶🐻🌐🆗 ♻️💕 🔃 ⏫🔀 🔄🛗❓‼️💟 💜🛠⏳🛴🦽🚲🎯🌚🌝🪵🐾 ♿️ 👆🏾👆👆🏼👆🏾👆🏽 🍼 👨🏾‍🍼👨🏻‍🍼👨🏾‍🍼👨‍🍼👨🏽‍🍼

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