As a piss curious bi man I thought the written account was fascinating. I have a question for all Piss curious men, and would love to hear your comments. Does piss play between men always involve a power dynamic? I’m not into S/M B/D, and insults during sex are a turn off for me. Do 2 guys or a group of guys ever have piss play just for fun, where no one is “superior” or “inferior”? Comments welcome, Gentlemen.


13 thoughts on “Pisscurious?

  1. I love watching guys pissing it is exciting .. IMHO , i pissed on a lover by tenderness game , but is not something that excites me
    we r not all the same each of us has his phantasms do not generalize

  2. In response to the question ‘does piss play always involve a power dynamic?’ I would say ‘no, not necessarily’. I’ve been a lover of piss play for many years in many different scenarios – in piss clubs, outdoors, at parties or during private meetings with piss buddies – and really it all depends on the participants and what they want to get out of a piss session. If I’m in the mood to receive piss, I’m happy to sub by getting down on my knees or lying in a bathtub or on the ground to get doused with hot streams of the golden stuff on my face, chest, belly, on my hard cock, in my arse crack and even up my arsehole. On other occasions when I’m feeling more toppy I can happily piss on a sub without expecting a dousing in return. No doubt there are guys into watersports who only top or only sub, and there are no rights and wrongs, just individual preference. Personally, as someone who thinks it’s an honour to both give and receive, I think they’re missing out and is one of the consequences of sticking rigidly to the labels that we give ourselves.

    1. Thanks WFE for the analysis and sexy comments. I’m enjoying sipping a tall glass of my own fresh piss and smelling my stinky armpits. It’s been a manly afternoon with the alternating tastes of my cum and piss in my mouth, and pit smell in my nose. No doubt about it, I want to try adding piss play to my life. Hail Cock! Hail Cocklust! Hail Piss! Bless me Priapus with expanding my Faggotry!

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