persuaded straight guys

Twice I’ve persuaded straight guys to let me blow them. In both cases we were watching straight porn, hoisting a few brews and were both horny.

I’d ask if they had ever been sucked by another guy…in both cases…the answer was no. I told them that a good cocksucking man would always give a better blow job than a good cocksucking woman because men know how its feels, how they want it to feel and give as they would want to get. Both times they let me do it and were embarrassed/ashamed that they enjoyed it as much as they did. Cheers! Sean

2 thoughts on “persuaded straight guys

  1. I love sucking cock. Just the thought of that hard throbbing cock in my mouth gets me hot. I like to tease guys, I just lick the head real softly at first, built up the tention by wraping my whole mouth around his hard cock and suck the head gently, then unexpectedly shove the whole cock in my mouth and suck HARD and FAST licking around the head everyonce in a while. Man just describing it makes me want a huge stiff throbbing cock in my mouth. I’m going to get mouthfucked now

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