Researchers from New Mexico Highlands University say that men with large penises and trimmed pubic hair are seen as more attractive, outgoing and open to new experiences, while men with smaller members are seen as more neurotic, worse in bed, and less open to new experiences. This research shows that genital appearance can contribute to socially shared implicit theories about people, regardless of whether these impressions reflect the true personality of the person being assessed. Writing in the journal Sexuality & Culture the team, led by Thomas R. Brooks, said: ‘Dating app users are likely to experience a high frequency of viewing the sexually explicit material of potential partners before a physical encounter. This study aimed to investigate what information is inferred from a picture of a penis at zero familiarity. The team recruited 106 participants (80 percent women) for the study, who were shown pictures of 24 penises that varied in girth, length and amount of pubic hair. After viewing each picture, participants were asked to answer 11 questions:

  • This is a prototypical/stereotypical penis.
  • This is an attractive penis.
  • This person is sexually active.
  • This person would be good in bed.
  • This person is outgoing, enthusiastic.
  • This person is reliable, self-disciplined.
  • This person is anxious, easily upset.
  • This person is open to new experiences, complex.
  • This person is likable, warm.
  • Would this person be an active member of sex (pleaser) or a passive member of sex (pillow princess)?
  • How many sexual partners do you think this person has had?

The results revealed key links between penis size, pubic hair and perceived personality traits. In terms of length, short penises were associated with more neuroticism, while men with long penises were seen as more attractive, more sexually active, better in bed, more outgoing, more conscientious and more open to new experiences. When it came to girth, men with narrow penises were seen as more neurotic. In contrast, those with wide penises were perceived as being more sexually active, better in bed, more outgoing, more open to new experiences, more pleasant and having had more sexual partners. In terms of length, short penises were associated with more neuroticism, while men with long penises were seen as more attractive, more sexually active, better in bed, more outgoing, more conscientious and more open to new experiences. Penis with trimmed pubic hair were perceived as more prototypical and attractive. However, although they were perceived as being more conscientious than untrimmed pubic hair, they did not differ significantly from fully shaved pubic hair. Overall, the findings suggest that impressions can be formed of men based solely on their penises. While most research has prioritized facial images and biographies of potential partners, the current findings take a step forward to examine how images of penises can contribute to the holistic perception of the person in digital spaces. The researchers now hope to conduct further studies where the men’s personalities are actually assessed to see how they compare to perceptions based on their penises alone.

Personality and Sexual Perceptions of Penises: Digital Impression Formation

6 thoughts on “Personality and Sexual Perceptions of Penises

  1. Love all of the Huge dicks and incredibly sexy men on this site. I am not into smaller, however, think it would be great if you had a spread of men who are maybe not handsome and have small dicks. Pretty cool. Keep up th good work. Thanks!

  2. Well, as a man with a 6″ cock, small by some standards, I don’t seem to fit the profile. I trim my bush, but leave some because I love a nice bush. I am quite open to experiencing most anything clean and painless. Plus, makes my cock look bigger. I can’t say for sure if I’m great in bed but most every man I’ve been with has complimented me on my excellent oral skills. They often tell me that they can tell how much I love sucking cock by the way I take my time to give pleasure. I enjoy all forms of porn, mostly and even at 70, I’m quite horny most of the time. Being around a group of other naked men and seeing all they have to offer is quite pleasurable. I enjoy showing myself, being watched while I pleasure another is fun too. So, just suppose I’m an exception.

    1. I am a man of 77. I relate to your sexual persona. Devote much time to visual stimulation, enjoy group encounters as well as male social nudism.

  3. Oh I’m always interested in seeing what the cock is like before meeting!
    My not-so-hidden shallows!
    However, the man attached to the cock is what is really important.
    A large and or beautiful cock is a bonus, but it is the man’s personality that does it.
    My cock is nothing special, and nothing odd either – unless a longer foreskin is odd.
    I recently got with a guy with a really girthy and very hard cock – that was lovely, but it was actually the quality of our connection that made our afternoon-long romp so rewarding.
    Likewise I was with a smaller cocked guy less recently and we had the most wonderful sex together – fully engaged and connected.
    When I look online, I am happy to see large and smaller endowments.

  4. Confirming this study. My cock size gives me terrific confidence as a sexual man. Guys with bigger cocks tend to be more relaxed with Man on Man sexual contact than small cock dudes. But, a cock is a cock.. just enjoy whatever you got gentlemen. Peace – Mike

  5. Great! just what I wanted to hear… that I’m always going to be sexually unattractive and inadequate! Thanks, HaPenis!

    Ok, I know, I know, it’s just an opinion based on a large study!
    Well, it did not help me, which at this age – 78 – hardly matters, since
    having a small cock, and having to take daily medications causes my sexual responses to be subdued anyway. Although something may be working
    as I wake up most mornings with a very hard cock… for 5 minutes!

    It’s obvious that I might as well go into a religious order and never have to worry about buying new clothes every few years! After all, aren’t we Gay Men, noted for being style conscious? There is nothing wrong with gray, brown, or black habits, or whatever they are known as.

    What really amazes me is the number of types of sexual equipment that are available for “penis enhancement!” As I can barely afford my meds now, I doubt that sex equipment would be eligible for a prescription based on my little “dick” not standing at attention when shown a well-endowed handsome young man standing in front of me!

    And if anyone is interested, I am the following: “ ∙This person is likable, warm. ”

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