hung old men lovers and hookers


A strange passion is moving in my head. My heart has become a bird which searches in the sky. Every part of me goes in different directions. Is it really so that the one I love is everywhere? Rumi Famous Cocks : Obama’s Erection / Moise Santamaria – the biggest cock in Brazil / Matthew McConaughey’s cock / Mickey Mantle Naked Dick / Mike […]

blokes jockstrap rugby erections

Rugby-type blokes

Rugby-type blokes wearing their old torn rugby shorts and jockstrap are the horniest. Love blokes in old shorts, especially if there’s a wet piss patch as well. My fantasy is to have a rugger bloke open the door wearing his old shorts and jock, with a piss patch clearly visible. I’ll be wearing shorts as […]


the knowledge of Plato

Intellect is good and desirable to the extent it brings you to the King’s door. Once you have reached His door, then divorce the intellect! From this time on, the intellect will be to your loss and a brigand. When you reach Him, entrust yourself to Him! You have no business with the how and […]


cock soul

At every instant and from every side,resounds the call of Love:We are going to sky,who wants to come with us?We have gone to heaven,we have been the friends of the angels,And now we will go back there,for there is our country. We are higher than heaven,more noble than the angels:Why not go beyond them?Our goal […]