Kevin Joseph “Chuck” Connors (1921 – 1992) was an American actor, writer and professional basketball and baseball player. He is one of only 12 athletes in the history of American professional sports to have played both Major League Baseball and in the National Basketball Association. With a 40-year film and television career, he is best known for his five-year role as Lucas McCain in the highly rated 1958–1963 ABC series The Rifleman.

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    1. It certainly isn’t Chuck. That whole gay porn thing started in the early ’70s in a Playboy magazine feature, “Sex in Cinema”. There was a grainy b/w photo from a gay porn loop with a Chuck Connors lookalike. The caption read: “A gay blade who resembles a Hollywood he-man…”
      The key word: RESEMBLES! I saw the photo myself. It was NOT Chuck Connors. By the way, the above pic isn’t the one I saw in Playboy. The guy in this photo isn’t built like Chuck, nor was Chuck’s hair ever that dark.

      1. Gay open existed before that (known as ‘physique’ models, but basically thinly veiled male prostitutes though their agent denied everything; arguably, a forerunner of the sharing economy). Basically it was nice or nearly nude males posed like they were doing something. As homosexuality came out, so did gay porn. This actually had a major impact on gay culture: Prior to the late 60s, muscle types were the dominant gay male aesthetic, but this revolution have us bears, chubs, and twinks. Anal sex became the dominant sexual activity, simply because gay men from Generation Jones learned all about sex from porn, whereas before these guys were known as “brownie queens” and there were always “straight” guys jerking off or going over to the gay hookup spots for a blowjob in the years before Stonewall.

        I still don’t think that’s Chuck Connors.

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    Fans love to be in denial of their gay heroes…even when they come out of the closet.

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